TFV 30 S Turbo Fan – back in stock!

The extremely strong TFV 30 S turbo fan, the perfect piece of universal equipment for sanitary, cleaning and craft businesses, has been sold out for a long time. The robust devices have impressed countless customers with their flexible set-up options and their excellent price-performance ratio. Now the newest generation of the TFV 30 S turbo fans are back again and ready for delivery. Do you want to bet that this won’t be the case for long?

In the sector, the TFV 30 S turbo fan has always been the first choice for all issues involving drying out walls and floors, screeds and buildings, as well as drying carpeted floors following wet cleaning. With up to 2300 m³/h of air emitted at a maximum air pressure of 400 Pa, this high-performance turbo fan can be utilised anywhere.

The benefits for you at a glance – the TFV 30 S turbo fan

  • impresses with its virtually indestructible polyethylene body. The turbo fan, which can be stacked to save space, is very light thanks to this material – and, despite that, extremely robust.
  • generates a wide air flow close to the ground with its specially shaped air-outlet duct. This gives a discernible increase in the drying time for wet floor coverings and moist screeds. The accelerated drying time also saves valuable time for cleaning carpets – combined with the advantage that the natural fibre surfaces warp a lot less than with other drying processes and the unsightly ripples and creases are prevented.
  • can be operated at three set-up angles of 0°, 45° or 90°. This guarantees that the TFV 30 S always of course has an absolutely secure footing.
  • is equipped with three variable power levels. This means that the amount of air can always be adapted optimally to the different drying requirements. What’s more, the device is extremely energy efficient – it works highly efficiently and saves energy at the same time.
  • is extremely durable, since all the internal components of the turbo fan are metal. In addition the TVF 30 S is equipped with two-duct radial fans with extra-large special shaft and a motor with quality ball bearings.
  • is at the same time planned down to the smallest detail and outstandingly designed. This means that the service plug socket of the TFV 30 S integrated into the control panel allows for directly connecting a second turbo fan or an additional dehumidifier for supporting the drying out process. A three-fold hose distributor is also optionally available, with which the air flow can be led directly to the various points or into different rooms.

TFV 30 S Turbo Fan – Top price-performance ratio included!

Order the turbo fan TFV 30 S today at our current sale price, reduced from £277.16 to just £161.20 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

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