3-In-1 comfort devices for air washing – provides optimal defence against colds

Want to feel more fit during the day? Sleep better at night? And above all – get sick less often? Then protect yourself and your family from colds and the flu by eliminating bacteria and pathogens as well as pollen, dust, animal fur and odours from the air you breathe. With our AW 10 S and AW 20 S air washers, you strengthen your immune system in your sleep, because the 3-in-1 comfort devices wash and humidify the air and reduce bothersome odours.

The 3-in-1 comfort devices AW 10 S and AW 20 S air washers perform three functions: they humidify dry air, while at the same time purifying it and reducing unpleasant odours in the air. Optimally moistened nasal mucosa is the best defence against colds and allows you to breathe a deep sigh of relief. And in optimally washed air, bacteria don’t stand a chance – family members and work colleagues will not catch illnesses nearly as easily. Our air washers wash bacteria and pathogens as well as pollen, dust and animal fur from the air and collect them on the bottom of the tank, and they vaporise only pure water for optimal humidification of the room.

How it works

The bad room air is conducted into the AW 10 S or AW 20 S and guided through a plate pack that rotates in water – in the process, the air is properly washed and even the smallest particles collected in the water. The water simultaneously vaporised on the exchanger surfaces is utilised for air humidification by means of an intelligent sensor which constantly measures the air quality and humidity and controls the automatic operation. In the process, through  the natural process of self-regulated cold evaporation, the room air is always kept at a perfect humidity level, so that your skin, nose and eyes remain constantly protected from drying out. With the integrated plasma function, ions are given off into the room air which collect the undesired odour molecules.

Both air washers are extremely low-maintenance, since they operate without filter pads. This means that the otherwise necessary cleaning or replacement is completely omitted with our innovative technology. The whisper quiet night mode, the water level display and the sounding of a warning signal, including automatic shut-off in the event of an empty water tank, are additional comfortable equipment features. For cleaning, both devices can be easily dismantled and cleaned quickly.

The 3-in-1 comfort device AW 20 S offers additional advantages

The AW 20 S has an intelligent combined sensor which constantly records the particle contamination along with the relative humidity. At the same time, this sensor automatically controls the automatic mode for optimally humidified and purified air. Not only allergy-sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief: Thanks to the effective HEPA Filter, not only dust, pollen or animal hair is eliminated from the air – even the smallest dirt particles from fine dust, allergens or mould spores are reliably filtered out. When not needed, the HEPA function can simply be deactivated – and because the humidification function can also be turned on and off separately, the AW 20 S is the ideal solution for keeping your air room pure all year round.

Advantages of the AW 10 S and AW 20 S that I find particularly appealing:

  • 3-in-1 combined device with odour removal, air cleaning and humidification
  • The display of the relative air humidity
  • Plasma generator for eliminating odours and harmful substances in the air in the room
  • Various operating modes plus whisper-quiet Night Mode
  • A large water reserve (9 litres) for long applications without servicing
  • Just need tap water (not expensive, distilled water)
  • Variable blow-out control for room adjustment in line with demands

Other benefits that the AW 20 S offers:

  • Intelligent combined sensor for measuring humidity and air quality at the same time enables energy saving automatic operation
  • Can be used for cleaning air and eliminating odours all year round thanks to separate humidification and plasma functions that can be switched on and off
  • The replaceable prefilter reliably frees the air of coarse house dust or animal hairs
  • HEPA filter function can be activated for maximum air cleaning efficiency: The HEPA filter filters out fine particles such as pollen, mite excrement, fungal spores, dust and fine dust
  • 3-stage light signal displays the air quality in the room (Blue, Yellow, Red)

AW 10 S or AW 20 S – air washer including defence against colds


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