NEW TVE 29 T tower fan – elegant cooling at an attractive price!


With this elegantly designed TVE 29 T tower fan, you are able to get the better of hot summer days in a sophisticated way. Our new cooling specialist fits into nearly every private and business environment with its slim design and it provides fresh air here in a quiet, but perceptible manner with its innovative technology. And thanks to our early booking discount, your decision to get the better of those hot summer days will provide you with an excellent bargain if you order the TVE 29 T by the delivery in CW 32 – you will save over 50 %!

The extremely compact TVE 29 T combines an attractive design with optimal cooling functions in very confined space. The maximum power of 45 watts provides an air flow rate of 586 m³/h. However, unlike traditional fans with rotor blades, the functional principle of this tower fan is based on an axis revolving around itself. The cooling effect is generated in a space-saving manner by means of a rotating construction inside the device. The air is then discharged along the entire height of the device. Best of all: Since the TVE 29 T has no rotor blades, the associated risk of accidents is eliminated in households with children and pets.

This is how it works

The new TVE 29 T not only looks good, compared to other cooling solutions such as mobile air conditioning units, but it also provides very economical cooling. What’s more, the tower fan represents simple operation and mobile use as well as low-maintenance operation. The ventilation parameters can be adjusted at the top of the device, by which the air outflow velocity can be regulated in three speed levels depending on the room temperature and desired blowing intensity. The automatic 90° oscillation – pivoting the air flow – ensures optimum ventilation of the room. The degree of oscillation automatically adjusts to the selected speed level during this process.
The tangential fan deployed in the TVE 29 T already provides sufficient cooling at the lowest speed level and is so pleasantly quiet that it even provides cooling operation in the bedroom throughout the night. The secure footing and smooth operation of the fan is ensured by the robust base and a carrying handle embedded in the device allows for a flexible change of location.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the 45 watt power
  • the modern, space-saving pillar design
  • the low purchase and operating costs
  • the 3 speed levels

TVE 29 T tower fan – compact, low-priced, cool!

Enjoy the benefits of our current early booking discount up until the delivery in CW 32: Order the TVE 29 T tower fan today, reduced from £44.62 to just £21.44 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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