Infrared check – and the solar energy system is running!


A solar installation outage can prove costly for the operator. It’s not just that no power or reduced power is fed into the electricity grid for a period of time. The longer a malfunction interferes with a solar installation, the greater the effort and costs of repairs. That’s way it is recommended to give this technology a thorough check-up regularly. How does that work? Quite easily – with infrared technology! Within minutes, a thermal imaging camera shows what condition an installation is in along with its individual cells, connections, links and inverters. Anyone who wants to stop significant damage to a photovoltaic installation before it is too late can reach for an infrared camera from Trotec’s IC series. The inspection only lasts a brief amount of time and then you can be sure that the installation is running correctly or know at what points the first defects are already appearing. This applies for inspections before the guarantee expires, for documenting proper operation after equipment installation or for trouble-shooting. Trotec’s infrared technology is your reliable workmate.

Infrared check – and the solar energy system is running!

Your equipment is operating correctly. However, it is only a short amount of time after the guarantee has expired that the first signs of trouble appear. You are definitely familiar with this irritation. With smaller purchases, the anger this causes might not last too long. But how do things look for larger investments that you have made? For example, a photovoltaic installation, which you have spent a lot of time and money on. In order to be certain that everything is in the right condition before the guarantee expires, only one thing will do: a prompt all-round check. Before the guarantee runs out, you should have the installation inspected by an expert or by a professional service provider. This is because the first instances of damage are often concealed and only first come to light later on. And you only notice it once the power output falls significantly – when it is already too late.

Infrared measurements for specialists and private individuals

Using infrared technology is a simple and reliable way to check a solar installation and its components for faults. That’s because such defects can be noticed through differences in temperature. In thermal images they all become visible: Defects in cells, faults in connection boxes, underperforming solar modules, defective cables and inverters as well as modules which have not been properly connected. The thermal imaging camera IC080LV is a reliable workmate – one of the high-performance infrared cameras from Trotec’s IC series. It makes getting precise thermographic measurements of photovoltaic installations in real time as simple as child’s play – for professionals and private individuals alike.

Detect damage on time

Infrared checks are not just of interest to private individuals, of course, but also for service providers who also offer such checks before guarantees expire. Companies and public bodies that have their own solar panels should also make use of this method of preventing damage. That’s because: The earlier a fault is found, the sooner it can be rectified. This prevents damage from spreading and insufficient output from the solar installation over extended periods – something which would mean financial losses. Companies that install solar panels use infrared technology in two areas: First of all, the cells and the installed equipment are checked for functionality. Secondly, once the installation work is completed, it is possible to offer comprehensive documentation to the customer and demonstrate to them directly that the photovoltaic installation is 100% functional. This builds trust and prevents possible misunderstandings.

The reliable workmate by your side

It doesn’t matter whether the IC080LV thermal imaging camera is for private use, service providers or specialist companies. The high-performance and precise infrared camera achieves optimal results when examining solar installations. The modern technology tracks down the smallest of temperature differences itself and then shows where fault sources are located – or that the installation is in a condition free of defects. The professional thermal imaging camera works with a temperature range of -20 to +600 degrees Celsius. It also has an exceptional level of thermal sensitivity of 0.05 degrees Celsius. The high-performance image sensor has more than 110,000 independent temperature measurement points and a resolution of 1.1 mrad, providing sharp thermal images for clear, detailed results that are displayed on the 3.5″ LCD colour display. In addition, it has an integrated real image camera, photo lights and duo-vision for the creation of professional documentation.

Infrared technology in tablet form

The thermal imaging camera AC080V – Trotec’s thermal imaging camera in tablet form – is suitable for comprehensive measurements and thermal imaging of photovoltaic installations, especially in the commercial sector. Thanks to that, service providers and customers get a clear overview! On the easy-to-view 5-inch touchscreen, even the smallest temperature differences are shown in real time with exceptional clarity and naturalness. In contrast to smaller infrared cameras, this thermographic tablet has more than 19,200 temperature measurement points. The thermal images have a resolution of 8 megapixels. That means razor-sharp images of solar panel sections or even the entire installation. It is also possible to record infrared videos that can be easily transferred to a PC wirelessly via WiFi or can be uploaded to the Internet. In addition, there is a large number of measurement functions which are directly integrated into the device, allowing for a detailed evaluation and analysis: for example, an automatic temperature tracking function, isotherms, an area analysis and a temperature alarm.

The advantages of the AC080V

  • razor-sharp thermal images thanks to 8-megapixel digital camera and real-time measurement
  • precise temperature measurement throughout the entire image thanks to more than 19,200 fully radiometric measurement points
  • high thermal sensitivity
  • bright 5-inch touchscreen
  • robust, impact-protected design
  • cable-free data transfer via WiFi and data transfer via USB or bluetooth
  • high-quality analysis software contained in the scope of delivery

The fastest way to the best equipment: the Trotec online shop!

The professional measurement instruments for examining solar installations are available in the Trotec online shop. Take a look today and discover the great offers. The infrared camera IC080LV is currently available for £2,616.60 incl. VAT instead of £4,445.02. Also on offer is the thermal imaging tablet AC080V, which can currently be yours for £894.34 instead of £1,241.40.


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