NEW Wall socket thermostat BN30 – Plug in. Adjust. Finished!


Soon virtually everything around the house and home that has to do with regulating the temperature will be very easy to adjust. Thanks to our new BN30 wall socket thermostat, auxiliary heaters such as the infrared heating panels from the Trotec TIH series are just as easy to switch on and off as the ventilation control in the greenhouse, the pump control of old heaters or the temperature control in storerooms. And best of all – it is downright child’s play to use…

The ideal temperature regulation for heating and air conditioning units

The simple operation and programming of the device allow for a wide range of possible uses – in particular, the BN30 is ideally suited for devices such as mobile heating units. The new wall socket thermostat allows temperature regulation of heating and air conditioning devices between 5 °C and 30 °C in 0.5 °C intervals. The current room temperature that has been reached can be easily read on the respective large overview display. The thermostat also allows you to shut down your heating and air conditioning devices for long periods.

This is how it works

Simply install the wall socket thermostat between the heating or air conditioning unit and the wall socket and set the desired temperature. The device measures the actual value of the room temperature with its integrated sensor and adjusts the heating or air conditioning unit to the corresponding desired set value. A backup battery also ensures that the chosen settings are not lost in the event of a possible power failure.

Four of the many advantages that I find particularly good:

  • simple operation and programming
  • quick temperature regulation in 0.5 °C intervals
  • suitable for heating as well as cooling control
  • wide operating range – from -10 °C to +70 °C

Take advantage of our introductory offer!

Order the BN30 Wall Socket Thermostat today and take advantage of our introductory offer: instead of £19.04 pay just £15.23 incl. VAT with delivery from CW 1, 2016 – in the Trotec Shop now!

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