TTW 35000 S barrel fan – finally back in stock


The very high demand for the affordable TTW 35000 S barrel fan caused the popular device to be sold out for a short time. But the wind machine is now available again, and deliveries are already being made. So if you are not willing to settle for a gentle breeze from open doors and windows, but would prefer to raise a real professional storm, the TTW 35000 S is now ready and waiting for you!

The TTW 35000 S wind machine is an optimum choice for all ventilation tasks in production environments, agriculture and storage areas, as well as for the effect ventilation on stage, film and photo sets. This device is the first choice, particularly if one of your aims is to achieve high air exchange rates with low capital expenditure. In addition to this cost-saving solution, the wind machine offers other strong benefits. The TTW 35000 S barrel fan…

  • has an air circulation capacity of up to 32,400 m³/h. This enormous air capacity can be regulated in two stages – the required air exchange rates can therefore also be achieved in large rooms or halls with the robust barrel fan.
  • impresses as a plug-in device with simple handling. Thanks to the integrated connection cable, which can be coiled and uncoiled comfortably and securely between two brackets, the barrel fan can be used wherever there is a socket nearby.
  • scores points with the flow direction’s tilt angle that can be adjusted all the way from a horizontal to a vertical position. In this way, the air current can also be specifically directed at high wall or ceiling areas. The device is thus perfectly suited to work on stage, film and photo sets.
  • is fully flexible for changing its location thanks to its carriage design. The galvanised steel housing around the fan blades is easy to transport due to the robust carriage frame – and also endures a lot under harsher operating conditions.

TTW 35000 S barrel fan – generates much more than just wind!

Secure your wind machine and order the TTW 35000 S barrel fan today at our current offer price of just £633.62 incl. VAT reduced from £646.34 – now in the Trotec shop!

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