Hot performance


It’s finally arrived: the Hot Air Gun HyStream 2000 from Trotec! You now have the best equipment possible, regardless of whether you want to heat plastics to make them more bendable and join single pieces together, or you want to dry lacquers or heat them.  Remove varnishes, get rid of adhesives and harden a wide range of materials.

All of this and much more is possible with hot air. You’ll be blown away by the HyStream 2000.

Hot performance

The wait is over. Because with the Hot Air Gun HyStream 2000, you have the best equipment possible for working on plastics, setting up plastic sheeting during renovations and working with lacquers and adhesives. Draw out your new pistol for any job – and start your good deed with a burst of hot air. Do you want to remove varnishes or adhesives? No problem! With the hot air gun from Trotec, arduous scraping away at varnishes and the tedious removing of lacquers and carpet adhesives are a thing of the past. You can, of course, also use your new device to heat plastics and make them more bendable. The ends of plastic pipes and hoses are joined together without a hitch thanks to heat shrinking.

Also handy for fitting car window films and stickers!

Even fitting window films and stickers – onto cars for example – is child’s play with the HyStream 2000. Switch it on, heat it up and you can already be sure of a good strong adhesion. Or, conversely, you can also use the hot air gun to soften the adhesive layer of films and stickers in order to remove them.

It works!

The Hot Air Gun HyStream 2000 from Trotec doesn’t even weigh a kilogram and yet delivers a huge amount of power. It runs at a maximum power level of 2000 Watts and can put out up to 30 m3/h of air. When using it, you reach a maximum temperature of 650 °C. Nice and hot with your new professional tool!

The price is hot tooThe price is hot too

Only just arrived and it’s a hot deal already: The HyStream 2000 can be yours today for £ 22.34 instead of £ 74.53 incl. VAT. In your Trotec shop of course!

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