Trotec Flood Info: Should I rent or buy a drying unit?


Do you manage the drying after the water damage on your own? Then the next question is if it is better to rent or buy the drying unit. Do you need it more often or just one time? Is it worth it to buy a dehumidifier because there is always humidity in your cellar or garage? In one of our last articles we already introduced some dehumidifiers to you and we explained for which room sizes each one is suitable. Today we want to explain which alternative – renting or buying – is the most advantageous for you.

When you are concerned by a flood event you have to make hundreds of decisions and answer several questions every day. What can I renovate in my flat or house and what do I have to throw away? How can I protect myself and my neighbours against more water running into our cellars? Will my insurance pay for a part of or even for the whole damage? These and other questions come to a flood affected person’s mind. When thinking about dehumidifying the question is: renting or buying?

You cannot answer the questions generally and universally because the following factors have to be taken into account:

  • How much costs a dehumidifier when I buy it?
  • How much is the daily rent for a rental device?
  • How much is the deposit for a rental device?
  • How is the delivery of a rental device handled?
  • Can I use a purchased device for other purposes later?
  • Can I pick up the devices in the shop?

You can clarify the question of cost for a purchased device quickly:

In our Trotec Online Shop you constantly find all prices and offers for dehumidifiers. Especially the following drying units are suitable for private property:

Device type max. room size price from (incl. V.A.T.)
TTK 70 S 25 m² 149.95 €
TTK 100 S 45 m² 297.50 €
TTK 125 S 55 m² 815.15 €
TTK 175 S 70 m² 1130.50 €

There is a conspicuous price difference between the TTK 70 S/TTK 100 S and the TTK 125 S/TTK 175 S because the dehumidifier TTK 125 S and dehumidifier TTK 175 S are designed for the commercial use. They have a metal housing for operations on different construction sites and for frequent transports. Depending on how often you use such a dehumidifier you should take a glance on the rental rates.

Device type max. room size rental rate from (incl. V.A.T.)
TTK 125 S 55 m² 5.95 €
TTK 175 S 70 m² 7.14 €
TTK 400 180 m² 9.52 €
TTK 800 320 m² 13.09 €
TTR 200 65 m² 8.33 €
TTR 300 150 m² 11,90 €
TTR 400 280 m² 14,28 €

Additionally to the rental price per day there are the delivery costs which are 17.85 Euros per tour and device. A forwarding agency brings the devices directly to your home and picks them up again at your desired date. Of course you also can pick up the devices yourself at our establishments in Heinsberg, Kufstein or Strasbourg. Just keep in mind that the deposit is about 25 per cent of the original price.
No matter whether you decide for renting or for buying. You can accelerate the dehumidification by using a fan like the axial fan TTV 4500 that we already mentioned in this article.

Trotec Flood Info: To inform you in any case of damage

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