Energy for the road

SecoSan Water

When you’re out for the day, children quickly lose their enthusiasm for the playground, and for nature, when they get thirsty. With kids, there is hardly a discomfort to match that of a parched mouth and dry throat.

As parents, you always ensure that you have a refreshing drink packed for the road. Above all, any thirst quencher needs to be healthy. Which is why we recommend water in its purest form, prepared with a Trotec SecoSan Stick.

Energy for the road

Why buy expensive drinks while you are out, if you can make a packed lunch cheaply at home and take it with you? If you are out and about with kids, in particular, and they suddenly complain of thirst, you need to have a drink to hand as quickly as possible. When you’re out for the day, perhaps exploring the woods or at a children’s playground, there is often no shop nearby. Then they really start to whine!

Better glass than plastic

Anyone wanting to avoid this type of situation, for both themselves and their child, makes preparations. At home it’s easy to fill a bottle with the drink you want to give your offspring while you’re out – a refreshing, healthy drink, that is! And when you’re looking for something to fill, it’s better to opt for a glass or aluminium bottle. Because many plastic bottles contain softening agents which can be released when the liquid is hot. And of course you insist on your thirst quencher being healthy. Lemonades contain a huge amount of sugar, which is not only both fattening and damaging to teeth – it doesn’t even quench your thirst. Juices are also completely unsuitable. The best thirst quencher is pure water. And to ensure it is also a very healthy and enjoyable drink, you should store your drinking water with a SecoSan Stick.

Free from germs and bacteria

SecoSan water is the ideal drink for adults and children. Anyone keeping their drinking water stored at home with a SecoSan Stick can be completely confident that the drink will be clean and of the best possible quality. Because, with its integrated silver ions, the SecoSan Stick targets and prevents any build-up of germs and bacteria. Yet the capsule only gives off as many silver ions into the water as are required to keep it clean. With no chemical additives, of course. Kick off your healthy drinking water lifestyle with a size 1 SecoSan Stick. It will keep up to 0.7 litres of water clean, long-term.

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