Dust extraction during refurbishment – with the TTV 2500 S ventilator.


Renovation and refurbishment work at home typically means a great amount of dust and dirt – and just as great of a health hazard. Because wherever old pipes are removed, plaster eliminated and floors taken out, harmful quartz dust is released. Before this is inhaled by customers, employees and other house inhabitants or before it contaminates other rooms, it must be suctioned up – for example with the TTV 2500 S ventilator from Trotec …

The TTV 2500 S belongs to the class of particularly cost-effective axial ventilators from Trotec. With extraordinary efficiency, it extracts the harmful quartz dust from the air during reconstruction, construction and refurbishment phases and transports it in a dust collection bag. In addition, the suctioning of the TTV 2500 S creates a vacuum that prevents dust from reaching adjacent rooms outside of the vacuum zone. This technology is of course particularly efficient in conjunction with a dust protection door, which can be purchased at nearly any hardware store.

This is how it works

The TTV 2500 S is set up outside of the room being refurbished. Then an air hose is connected on the outlet side of the dust collection bag and on the suction side. Then lead the air hose through the dust protection door, close the door and start up the ventilator. All dust from the room is suctioned through the hose and discharged safely into the dust collection bag – thus guaranteeing perfect, dust-free work. And this way you are protecting yourself and the employees from harmful materials. A positive secondary aspect: You are preventing dust from accumulating in adjacent rooms and thus saving yourself from clean-up work. Thanks to the compact structure and low weight of the TTV 2500 S, such a dust extraction system must only be installed and operated by one person.

TTV 2500 S ventilator – keeping your next refurbishment dust-free

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