NEW pitot tube anemometer TA400 – available now!


The already announced new pitot tube anemometer TA400 is finally available. With this basic instrument for flow measurements of air or gases, indispensable for installation technicians, service technicians and experts, air speed, volume flow, air pressure and air temperature can be determined quickly and precisely. By the way, the delivery includes a calibration certificate that documents the professional orientation of this high-end device.

In addition to the air flow control in ventilation ducts and further typical measurement tasks in the field of air conditioning and ventilation technology, the pitot tube anemometer TA400 also allows you to determine differential and dynamic pressure. The TA400 thereby covers additional areas of application such as filter state measurements on air conditioning units and differential pressure measurements on gas heaters. In addition, as a differential pressure measuring device, it is best suited for controlling the pressure of separation zones with positive or negative pressure atmospheres, for example those during refurbishment work in areas contaminated with mould.

This is how it works

The TA400 allows you to measure very high air speeds of up to 80 m/s in conjunction with the pitot tube itself. As the pitot tube is virtually free of mechanical and dirt sensitive sensors, it provides the optimal conditions for use in extremely harsh environments with high flow rates and dust-laden air. What’s more, you can also measure the ambient temperature and the air flow with the anemometer. In doing so, round as well as square cross-sectional areas of the measured ventilation ducts can be entered differentiated in the device.
With its highly developed microprocessor technology for signal processing, the high-end measuring device guarantees fast and precise measurement results for any requirement. As the measuring device is equipped with an internal memory management system, you can save the calculated data separately in up to 99 data records in the TA400 at any time during the measurement, as well as retrieve or delete stored values. Thanks to the illuminated dual display, the results are easy to read on the large display even in poor lighting conditions. This precision anemometer is delivered complete in a carry case – herein you will also find the calibration certificate that indicates the profession orientation of the TA400.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the professional anemometer measurement of air speed, air flow, air pressure and air temperature
  • the differential and dynamic pressure measurement using the pitot tube
  • the large, easy-to-read display with backlighting and a dual value display
  • the min/max/AVG/REC and data hold function

TA400 pitot tube anemometer – professional equipment for the profession!

Order the new TA400 anemometer today at our current sale price, reduced from £231.30 to just £149.19 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

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