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The requirements of climate technology in a supermarket are as diverse as its products. It must function efficiently, especially in sensitive areas such as fresh food departments. But energy consumption must also be considered. Another necessity is assurance of the quality of the products and the well-being of the customers. You can only expect the success of your store when your cooling technology takes all of these requirements into consideration. We will back you up – with our high-performance dehumidifiers. The stationary dehumidifiers of the Trotec TTR series provide an optimal climate in the supermarket, for your products and your customers.

You put a lot of thought into the construction and set-up of your supermarket. The selection and quality of your products must be just right. And the customers are led in an elaborate route through the individual departments. Here they select their products, inspired by the displays, the presentation of the goods and the ambience. Customer satisfaction is the top priority, as you know. Ultimately the supermarket will only be revisited and further recommended after a positive shopping experience. For this, there is one thing you can’t scrimp on: effective and modern cooling technology. Because in a supermarket, the temperature must be optimally controlled for the most diverse areas: the frozen food section, the fresh goods department with meats and cheeses, the displays of fruits, vegetables and salads; even less sensitive goods such as dry products, canned goods, and hygiene and cleaning agents cannot be disregarded.

Top quality

If fresh food is not sufficiently cooled, this has a negative impact on the quality. Fruits and vegetables require a pleasant coolness to remain fresh and crisp even over longer periods of time. But goods have yet a greater enemy than a less than perfectly balanced temperature. And that is high humidity, which can pose major risks. By the time humidity deposits on the products in the form of condensation, it is often too late. Packaging can become saturated and form mildew stains and, worst case scenario, mould. With fresh goods such as meats and cheeses, the condensation can cause germs and bacteria to form and multiply. On frozen products, the humidity freezes, presenting a more than unattractive sight. There is only one solution: A powerful dehumidifier is a necessity in order to ward off the risk of condensation deposits. Trotec offers you a professional solution with the stationary dehumidifiers of the TTR series. The dehumidification pros provide optimal climatic conditions in your areas. Even in storage, they maintain the best conditions to ensure that your products retain their shine. The Trotec models are durable, effective and low maintenance. And they can be configured flexibly. Exactly how you need it to be.

Safety for personnel

Use of TTR dehumidifiers in the supermarket offers a further advantage: After a thorough cleaning, the floors and displays are dry again in no time. This allows shelves to be quickly restocked. And the hazard of slipping on wet tiles is also averted.

Lower your energy costs

The TTR absorption dehumidifiers not only guarantee you effective continuous dehumidification at extremely high capacities – but also at low dew points. This will make your wallet happy as well. Just think: The energy costs for the air conditioning unit make up more than 60 per cent of the expenditure for supermarket operation. Installing a sophisticated dehumidification system will result in decent savings, as the air conditioning system is no longer under a lot of stress.
Trotec offers a large assortment of supplementary equipment. This allows you to optimally adapt the dehumidifiers to the conditions of your areas. Of course the TTR dehumidifiers are exceedingly economical in operation due to their internal heat recovery system. And you can also cross maintenance costs off the list. Because the “made in Germany” brands are especially robust and durable.

The best advice

Trotec is always on the scene when it comes to determining the right requirements. The Trotec industry service specialist consultants competently see to your enquiries and assist you in analysing your equipment needs – for the successful operation of your supermarket.

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