DH-S industrial dryers for a fast and reliable dehumidification


Industry, logistics and craft – fields of work where you have to dehumidify every day and where you should not do without the new industrial condenser dryers of the DH-S series. Besides the high dehumidification performance you get an excellent value for your money.

When doing industrial work there is always moisture – during production, processing or storing. In many working processes – especially, when working with food but also for protection against corrosion and condensation – you have to ensure an optimal room climate. With the new DH-S standard series protecting your products now is fool proof.

With the new DH-S condensation dryers you protect your stored goods, manufacturing facilities, building substance or inventory effectively against moisture damages. Nor during a production process nor when storing your products you are safe against corrosion and condensate through moist air. Therefore, the new DH-S industrial condenser dryers help to reliably and cost-effectively protect your goods against damages and create a comfortable working environment for your staff. The four new small power packs have a dehumidification performance between 35 and 475 litres per day and because of their comfortable and stable steering wheels (except for the DH 145 S) you can easily transport them from one place to another.
Furthermore, you reduce your heating costs because dry air can be heated up more easily.

Solid and price-optimized – the new DH-S industrial condenser dryers

Unlike the DH professional series which is suited for almost every application for continuous dehumidification and perfectly scalable for all environmental requirements the DH-S standard series combines solid technology and cost-effectiveness. The hot gas automatic defrosting ensures a permanent dehumidification without breaks for defrosting. Furthermore, due to its integrated condensate pump, the condensation water can even be taken away over several floors. Thus, you can ensure a constant climate condition for your production or storage.

Choose, depending on your requirements, between four models to avoid mould and corrosion damages as well as condensation. Protect your electronic equipment against failure and optimize your industrial processes by protecting your goods and machines.

Choose your ideal model:

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