Brand quality that really pays off

You will know this from the supermarket: You are just about to grab your favourite brand of crisps, from the very same shelve it has always been. For the very same price it has always had. And yet there is one difference: It feels lighter, somehow … And then, when you are comfortably curled up in front of the TV, looking forward to some nice and cosy nibbling, your worst fears are brutally confirmed: There are not as much crisps in the bag as there used to be!

This concealed form of price increase is particularly clever, since more often than not the inadvertent consumer doesn’t even notice the markup.

An increase in prices is not exactly the most popular thing among consumers. Yet, economic pressure, crisis and inflation can literally force a producer to charge more for the same quality if they want to keep up their margin. To prevent that the customer does a full one-eighty after the first glance at the price tag or resorts to the cut-price rival product right next to it, all sorts of tricks and dodges are used: Cheaper ingredients, blown-up packaging, less content. Add a “New Formula” badge to it and the customer will let you get away with it. Well, most customers will …

Not surprisingly, this clever trick is also finding its way into our industry.

And this doesn’t make it easier for the customer: Concerning the technical details of any technical device, it is even easier to conceal the real value of a product. For who really cares to compare all the relevant details?

But this is where a thorough comparison really does pay off: What’s inside the fancy casing? How well does it perform, what features does it have that others don’t? The customer has to inspect closely in order to not fall for cheap tricks and sham packages.

With Trotec, you can be sure: Quality is our highest priority.

Because Trotec stands for brand quality, that pays for itself. We do not increase prices – neither overtly nor on the sly. Our machines and measuring devices remain constant in both price and quality throughout 2011.

This we guarantee – and you can always see for yourself!

Come and visit our Trotec24 Online Shop …

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