NEW Voltage detector BE14 – ideal for current quick-tests


You just want to quickly connect a new lamp and it happens: you get ‘shocked’ because the wire is still live. And such an ‘avoidable error’ can be easily prevented – with the new voltage detector BE14, a no-contact phase tester so you are always on the safe side. And you are safe with our current offer

The numbers prove how dangerous working negligently on live wires can be: Every year, hundreds of electrical accidents in the so-called low-voltage range of the 230 volt household current occur and, unfortunately, several end in fatalities. Therefore, to quickly test the line, the BE14 should be part of any DIY or tradesmen’s basic equipment when working on live installations. And for your own safety, you should exclude any risks – and you can guarantee that if you work with our new voltage detector.

This is how it works

The BE14 is a no-contact phase tester which allows you to quickly locate breaks in the wire in open cables and in cable drums or light chains. In addition, the detector detects all live conductors such as outlets, switches or cable connections. Due to the capacitive measuring process, the voltage test is quick and easy because there is no contact. As soon as the voltage connects to the measuring tip in the localisation area, the red LED glow lamp pulses and an acoustic alarm warns you. A powerful LED torch is integrated on the clip side of the BE14 with which dark measuring areas can be optimally lit.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the no-contact, quick detection of alternating voltages
  • the optical and acoustic alarm function
  • the compact design in the shape of a pen with a pocket clip
  • the integrated torch

The new BE14 belongs in every toolbox – in yours too!

Order the voltage detector BE14 now for the promotional price of £8.22 instead of the list price of £9.88 incl. VAT. – now in the Trotec shop!

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