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Stuffy and dry air is especially hard on little lungs. When the air is too dry in kindergartens and schools this can trigger dry coughs and increase the spread of bacteria and disease. That’s why classrooms and any adjoining rooms and playrooms are equipped with humidifiers especially in cold weather when the radiators are turned up. This lets the children breathe free and improves their concentration too. To let the humidifiers really emit only the purest, soothing humidity, simply insert a SecoSan stick by Trotec into the water tank. The capsule will keep the water fresh and clean for months. Any harmful deposits and bacterial buildup that get into the air are now eliminated. Guaranteed!

Everyone who has ever fought typical cold symptoms with inhalations and nasal spray knows how important it is to provide children with healthy, breathable air. If the mucous membranes and lungs are highly irritated in particular by dry heating air, only a good amount of moisture often helps to get rid of the mucus that has formed as a protection against the dry air. The most important thing in the prevention of disease, and thus for the healthy and fit daily lives of our little ones, is balanced humidity. And that must be especially provided where children spend most of their time: in day care and schools. Especially during the cold time of the year, when heaters are running non-stop and dry air is spreading like wildfire, is a technical upgrade necessary. Sponsors of kindergartens and schools like to rely on automatic devices like the reliable and effective evaporation humidifiers and air washers from Trotec. The models happen to be equipped with high-quality filters that also free the air from any dust and other harmful substances. This is because this is about nothing less than our children’s ability to maintain their health and concentration!

Take a deep clean breath, please

Your classrooms and playrooms are equipped with modern humidifiers so that the dry, heated air can do no harm to those little lungs and mucous membranes? Very good! But: Go one step further in terms of prevention and health. Make sure that the water used by the devices to enrich the indoor air with soothing moisture always stays fresh and pure – like on the first day the tank was filled. This is extremely easy and requires just a flick of the wrist. That’s a promise SecoSan delivers. Open the water tank of the humidifier, add a SecoSan Stick by Trotec, and close. And there you have the purest water available for months in your tank, no matter how often you fill it up.

Permanently pure

This is how easy the SecoSan principle works: The capsule is a silver ion reservoir and effectively combats germs and bacteria. The mobile silver ions namely inhibit germs and bacteria upon contact and thus prevent them from reproducing. In doing so, the SecoSan Stick emits precisely the amount of silver ions needed to keep fresh the exact quantity of water that is stored in the water tank of the humidifier. No more and no less. This all works without chemical additives. Stagnant water, microbial growth in the tank and germ and bacteria formation are no longer an issue with a SecoSan Stick.

You can order pure air humidity quickly and easily online

A SecoSan Stick is always included in the B 25 E design humidifier by Trotec. A respective holder is installed in the water tank floor of this model. But the SecoSan principle works quickly and easily in other devices as well by simply inserting the SecoSan stick into the tank where it settles to the bottom. The SecoSan Stick produces fresh water in the humidifier tank for six entire months. And you don’t have to worry about anything else. You can order the SecoSan Stick in different sizes from our Trotec online shop. Many attractive discount prices are waiting for you. So make sure to stop by today!

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