Strong performance against clumping


All stocks of hygroscopic material can be destroyed by one condition: humidity. Utmost care must therefore be taken, particularly in large storage facilities in the chemical industry. This especially applies to fertilisers. This is because they are only used seasonally and may therefore be stored over a prolonged period. In order for this to take place under the best possible conditions and with optimal protection for the commodities, high-quality technology should be used during storage. A solid and reliable solution is the use of mobile adsorption dehumidifiers of the TTR series from Trotec.

The rooms in which the fertilisers are stored must be closed and above all secure. The containers must be lined with a special coating, may not be in the vicinity of sewage facilities and particularly not in contact with groundwater. There are strict rules for the handling and storage of fertilisers. After all, they may contain hazardous substances depending on their composition. However, it is not only safety in production or transport that plays a big role. Utmost attention must also be paid to correct storage. Fertilisers are very hygroscopic, meaning that they contain a property which absorbs water vapour from the air. The moisture is bound in the substance. As a result this changes the condition of the substance. In most cases, it leads to clumping.

Optimal storage conditions

When fertilisers stick together or clump, this can, in the worst case scenario, cause the whole stock to be damaged. Clumping is a sign that the agent has been stored in an environment where the air humidity is too high. And this can in turn cause damage to the nutrient properties. Other consequences include poor quality, low durability of the substances, sticky machines and thus higher cleaning costs, long drying periods, and not least health risks due to a chemical change of the fertilisers. In addition, mould, bacteria and fungi form when the air is humid. You can prevent this by fitting out your storerooms in good time – with high-quality dehumidifier technology from Trotec. You can only prevent such economic damage with high-performance dryers.

TTR – the solution

Commonly used air-conditioning units and refrigeration systems are rarely sufficient for removing air humidity from the storage facility. Trotec has the solution at hand. With the mobile adsorption dehumidifiers of the TTR series, you will get the air humidity in the fertiliser storage facility under control quickly and professionally. The mobile power packages with integrated heat recovery are ideal for flexible use for dehumidification – even at low dew points. They can be installed very quickly. Even when demand is particularly high. The TTR dryers are not only unusually powerful, but are also extremely practical to install and easy to operate. You can easily stack the dryers on top of one another and put them into operation in a short period of time. Thanks to the electronic infinitely variable air volume control, you can adjust the dehumidification performance and thus also the power consumption at any time.

The advantages

  • Professional “Made in Germany” quality – originally produced by Trotec
  • Electronic air volume control – infinitely variable
  • Maximised performance with small dimensions and low weight
  • Particularly low-maintenance
  • Stackable to save space

Get dry air in your fertiliser storage facility. And the product will remain optimally protected – even during prolonged storage. The TTR dryers from Trotec make it possible!

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