Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome trusts ThinC! climate technology from Trotec

The legendary Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome relies on the repeatedly proven ThinC! climate technology from Trotec for air conditioning its magnificent halls and splendid chambers. Today, the monumental building and one of the landmarks of Rome is both a museum and the setting for an exclusive collection of valuable frescos and sculptures, expensive furnishings and paintings. Just the right challenge for the DH VPR+ dehumidifier of the Value Protection Range.

Originally built by the Roman emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for him and his successors, Castel Sant’Angelo later served as a refuge for the popes before it was given its current role as an Italian national museum in 1925, and since it has housed a remarkable historical art collection. You will thus find a pope suite, a sequence of rooms with manneristic frescos by artists from Raphael’s school, as well as the rooms of popes Paul III, Clemens VII and Clemens VIII – and the intelligent ThinC! Climate technology. It ensures a constant room climate under all conditions and thus securely and effectively preserves the top condition of the various valuable objects.

Value preservation instead of value depreciation – in Castel Sant’Angelo as well

The foundation of our innovative ThinC! climate manager in Castel Sant’Angelo is also the DH VPR+ dehumidifier from our High Performance range for reliable moisture protection – also suitable for unheated rooms at low temperatures from 0 °C. Supplemented by effective air purification and filter modules according to industrial standard, we offer a globally unique solution: Active climate management with 4-in-1 protection function against humidity, odours, air pollutants and dust. Controlled automatically by hygrostat and intensity controller, the air in the room stays free of dust and soot, and constantly stays at the right level when it comes to hygiene and energy efficiency.

ThinC! climate management – turns museums into a climate safe!

All ThinC! models are characterised by easy handling and intelligent humidity regulation as well as odour neutralisation. This turns all rooms into a climate safe: the air is purified of irritants and conditioned, dust formation is significantly reduced and unwelcome odours are neutralised. In addition, ThinC! adds design to the programme. The colours and material of the resolution panels can be selected according to desire and style – this ensures an aesthetically perfect room climate as well.

For more information on our DH-VPR+ dehumidifiers with ThinC! climate management, visit our online shop. We are also pleased to provide you with further information directly on +49 2452 962-400 – the Trotec team looks forward to your call!


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