NEW PPLS 10-750 plane – display clear edges with high-performance power pack!

For woodwork such as chamfering edges, creating grooves or planing roof truss collar beams, even skilled handymen gladly accept the help of a carpenter. Now ambitious do-it-yourselfers can demonstrate clear edges as well – with the new PPLS 10-750 plane, you can turn rough laths and square timbers into smooth bars and beams, and even the precise planing of collar beams will fall into the “piece of cake” category!

Level wood surfaces, precisely chamfered edges – the PPLS 10-750 electric plane is just the right professional tool when it comes to perfect execution of challenging woodwork. The compact yet easily guided power pack allows you to achieve excellent surface quality every time. This is reliably ensured by its high-performance 750 watt motor, which drives the high-quality hard metal knife to quick work progress with a speed of 13,000 rpm.

How it works

Even challenging projects are completed effortlessly with the PPLS 10-750 electric plane. A large aluminium base plate ensures uncompromisingly level work results, and there are three sizes of integrated V-grooves to choose from for easy chamfering of edges. The cutting depth can be set up to 3 mm, and sections can be created easily due to a rebate depth of 15 millimetres and maximum plane width of 82 millimetres. Here, the rebate depth stop and rip fence ensure greatest precision in all planing work.

The extensive softgrip support on the ergonomically shaped handle facilitates secure and precise handling of the electric plane as well as its suitability for left- and right-handed individuals. In addition, the combined guiding and cutting depth adjustment knob facilitates secure guiding of the PPLS 10-750 – the device can always be held securely, even during lengthier jobs. In addition, the plane is equipped with a chip discharge, which prevents chip jams and can be mounted on the left or right. A safety switch prevents accidental switch-ons, and the plane can be safely turned off in its automatic parking shoe after work is completed.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the compact and high-performance 750 W plane with 3 mm cutting depth
  • secure guiding with the guiding and cutting depth adjustment knob
  • the chip discharge that can be mounted on the left or the right
  • the three different sizes of V-grooves for easy chamfering of edges

PPLS 10-750 plane – even the price has been sliced!

Order the PPLS 10-750 plane today, £52.06 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

You get the PPLS 10-750 plane in TÜV-tested quality as a guarantor for high value, safety and functionality, including a rip fence, rebate depth stop, hex wrench and adapter for external suctioning.

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