“Bad air leads to sickness” – humidity and temperature

Bad air Health problems can be caused by the wrong room humidity, both if it’s too high and if it’s too low. Do you keep catching colds? Are you experiencing difficulties breathing? Or are the windows in your room often fogged up with condensate trickling down in drops? If you have already noticed these alarm indicators, you should now be regularly measuring the moisture level in the air because optimal humidity contributes immensely to our well-being.

The temperature in living spaces should ideally be 20 degrees Celsius. The optimal room humidity level is between 40 and 60 %. For the benefit of your health, you should keep an eye on the humidity in your living room, children’s room and guest room. This is done most easily by using a hygrometer, such as the BZ05 room thermohygrometer from Trotec or the BC06 pro version. You can then determine whether the values at your home or in office are continuously below 40% or above 60% and, if this is the case, you can investigate the causes and find a solution. Because in order to achieve normal air humidity, you must constantly increase and decrease the measured values. For this task, Trotec’s most modern dehumidifiers are on offer to you: the TTK-S comfort series.

Caution – these upper and lower values are also limit values

If the room air humidity is constantly below 40%, it can lead to watery eyes and irritations of our mucous membranes. The skin is also irritated by dry air, redness can appear and itchiness can occur. The immune system is weakened, leading to the increased occurrences of colds.

If the room air humidity is constantly above 60%, there is an acute risk of health-threatening mould and mildew formation. If the fungal spores get into our airways, it can lead to asthma or allergies.

How to regulate the humidity in summer and winter

In order to maintain the optimal room temperature of 20 degrees, you should promptly close the outside blinds or shutters if there is direct sunlight. Keep the windows closed during the day so that the humidity does not climb above 60%. Refreshing the air is necessary. It is best to do this in the early morning hours or in the late evening, when the outside temperature is cooler and drier. You can find out more on the topic of “airing” again in our Advisor blog “A lot of CO2, little oxygen”.

In winter, an increased level of humidity in rooms can easily occur because the windows are kept closed while people, animals and plants in the room constantly release water vapour through respiration. Therefore, you should also regularly measure the humidity of your rooms in winter.

How to always have a grip on humidity and temperature

  • The BZ05 room thermohygrometer measures and constantly shows the two decisive factors for the right comfortable climate – the air temperature and the humidity. In addition, the integrated comfort indicator shows whether the personal indoor climate values are currently within an optimal, acceptable or critical range.
  • The BC06 thermohygrometer is one of the most indispensable tools there for laboratories, agricultural enterprises and florists thanks to its practical combination of precise measurement technology and its simple one-handed operation. This means that within seconds you can obtain exact measurement values of the temperature and relative air humidity in living spaces, offices and storage rooms.
  • The comfort dehumidifiers from Trotec are amongst the biggest-selling devices in Europe in their category. Thanks to their innovative technology, these devices effectively reduce the room humidity and thanks to their mobility and compact design they are also flexible and ready for use at any time.

Clean air – with innovative solutions from Trotec

Inform yourself comprehensively about all the advantages offered to you by our air quality management system using the dehumidifiers of the TTK-E-S comfort series. You can obtain one of these for as little as £51.68 incl. VAT. Furthermore, you can benefit from our current offer: You can get the BZ05 room thermohygrometer for just £9.57 instead of £14.73 and the BC06 room thermohygrometer for just £22.13 instead of £33.20 incl. VAT. – now in the Trotec shop!

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