Electro-thermography with the new AC080V thermal imaging camera tablet

Thermal imaging camera

More and more frequently, building engineers and installation technicians are asked to check whether electrical control cabinets are functioning properly using electro-thermography. This is because breakdowns bring the risk of expensive production downtimes and faulty maintenance or poor servicing can even cause fire hazards. Insurance companies therefore now require regular thermographic inspections for fire safety reasons.

No problem! – For this there is the new AC080V thermal imaging camera tablet. It combines the functions of an innovative thermal imaging camera with the ultra-compact and user-friendly design of a tablet. This way, you can see instantly where something is overheating in a switch box on the large, intuitive 5-inch touch display: for example, when an acute temperature problem arises, a plastic wire sheath has already become porous, the insulation is flaking away, contacts are oxidised or fuses are overloaded. This is because the detector captures even minor temperature differences ranging from -20°C to +350°C with its 160 x 120 temperature measurement points, therefore with a total of 19,200 pixels. In addition, the camera has 4 freely adjustable temperature measurement points plus 1 max./min. point, which allows you to adapt your inspection to the individual location.

Often a job involves more than just checking one switch box and instead a whole control room needs to be inspected. In such cases, there are often a great number of switch boxes and space is usually quite limited. But here in particular our camera is perfectly equipped with the 21° x 38° lens. In small rooms where there otherwise wouldn’t be enough space to step back to take thermal images, the 38° lens can provide a full picture from which you can clearly identify the problem areas, even from a short distance. Manual focussing is also unnecessary thanks to the fix-focus, because at a minimum distance of 50cm, you images will always be sharp. On top of that, with the integrated 8 megapixel digital camera, you can photograph razor-sharp real images from which even the individual markings on the switching elements can be read.

AC080V – Your guarantee for professional quality control and reporting 

However, the AC080V isn’t just for inspecting old control cabinets to track down faulty electrical and mechanical components such as circuit breakers, fuses, screwed and clamp contacts and cables. It would also be a good idea to use the AC080V to carry out a quality check after a new control cabinet has been fitted. The various modules must be wired and each screwed contact must be tightened with a certain torque. If faults arise at this point, you will notice in good time before the cabinet is commissioned with the help of our thermal imaging camera and will be able to switch off the source of the error at once.

Customers such as insurance companies understandably require a report on your inspection. Here too, the AC080V proves itself as your professional partner. A range of measuring functions for assessment and analysis are integrated directly into the device, such as the automatic temperature monitoring, the report analysis and the temperature alarm. Here you will even find the isothermal functions necessary for electro-thermography, which is unique on the market in this price category. And with the preinstalled Wizard app, you can create a “mini report” on the device itself and then export it as a PDF file. Alongside thermal images, you can also record entire infra-red videos and relay these to your PC or smartphone via a USB connection or even WiFi or Bluetooth.

Old control cabinets only work faultlessly thanks to regular maintenance and servicing, which is also the only way to efficiently avoid unplanned downtimes with potentially high outage costs. This is why it really pays to use the new AC080V thermal imaging camera tablet  – for both you and your customers. Once you have purchased it, it is your companion on-site everyday, because without any protruding parts it is really easy to store the camera away thanks to its compact dimensions. And its weight won’t add any bulk, because in spite of the robust, shock-resistant design in a two-component construction with protection class IP54, the camera is extremely light at only 405 grams.

Electro-thermography – at a red-hot price! 

Find out about how our new AC080V thermal imaging camera tablet for electro-thermography could benefit you and make the most of our current offer: order the new AC080V thermal imaging camera tablet for just £936.09 reduced from £1,299.35 incl. VAT– in the Trotec shop now!

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