Allergy sufferers beware – 3 out of 4 GPs get it wrong

According to the leading allergy portal, 3 out of 4 GPs are failing to diagnose that it is an allergy that is plaguing their patients and not a just a common cold when the people who visit their surgeries complain about symptoms which if not scrutinised carefully could easily be linked to influenza-liked illnesses, the collective term for colds, flu and similar infections.

But were these GPs to dig deeper, they would soon discover that contrary to common colds whose symptoms normally subside after 7 to 10 days at the latest, what they often have on their hands is an allergic reaction which can generally last a lot longer and often recurs within a very short period. Here it would perhaps pay for doctors to listen a little more intently to their patients’ woes – and for the patients to open up and even quiz their GPs on certain points instead of just swallowing the medicine.

But once the doctors – or the patients themselves – have got it right and pinpointed the source of their suffering, then action must be taken to not only relieve the symptoms, which the sufferers themselves are understandably acutely interested in easing, but more importantly still to eliminate the actual cause.

People who react to pollen, pet hairs and house dust can protect themselves and their home by using a dehumidifier, or in the winter months a Used B400 humidifier plus two free SecoSan Stick 10., to clean the ambient air. Not only do both types of appliances regulate the relative humidity in the rooms in which they have been installed, more importantly still for allergy sufferers perhaps they are all equipped with efficient, easy-to-remove and easy-to-clean air filters which effectively filter airborne particles like pollen, pet hairs and house dust out of the air thereby nipping the cause of the allergy in the bud. This would make these appliances a more than sound investment as they do not only improve the quality of life, they also save money that is often ploughed into often unnecessary medication.

So don’t wait for your GP to get it right – or wrong – buy a humidifier or dehumidifier today and make life that much more livable.

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