A tale of little big helpers and mighty machines – adsorption dryers in the TTR series

What might at first sight look very much like it has something to do with a fairytale or tale of fantasy is in fact a very down-to-earth entry on a selection of extremely versatile and efficient pieces of equipment – adsorption dryers from Trotec.

The adsorption dryers in the TTR series come in all shapes and sizes – and a variety of different designs too. They range from the shiny, steel-plated, compact TTR 160 and the similarly-sized and similarly low-priced TTR 250 to the extremely powerful six-foot plus models, the TTR 8000 or TTR 9500, each of which is able to turnover a massive 8,000 or 9,500 cubic metres of processed air in only one hour respectively.

The adsorption dryers in the TTR series are designed especially for industrial use. One of their many outstanding strong points is their ability to reduce the relative humidity both quickly and reliably and then effectively keeping it down to values as remarkably low as 10 or even only 5 percent!

Such exceptionally low relative humidity values would make a person feel extremely uncomfortable to say the least, but they are needed in many fields in the pharmaceutical and the food industry where it is essential that the products are manufactured and stored in cool and dry environments.

compact TTR adsorption dryers
TTR-dehumidifiers – compact adsorption dryers such as these are installed when water has been used to extinguish a house fire. This is one of the first steps that are taken. It is carried out by fire and water damage restoring experts to prevent hydrochloric acid dew from forming in order to protect the rest of your furniture and possessions against further damage. The dryers are also used as a precautionary measure to stop mould or corrosion from occurring in industrial scenarios. The big little helpers do not hold back with regard to performance and are able to dry up to 90 kg in only 24 hours. And that’s not all: the TTR-Series also comprises Ex-protected models for special use in Ex-protected areas.

Adsorption drying units of the TTR series
And there’s the jumbo-sized TTR drying units for use in jumbo-sized ship holds to combat corrosion or to ensure that unheated rooms like those found in pump stations remain dry and free of damage caused by excess moisture.. Models like these are packed with cutting-edge technology and come complete with know-how acquired as a result of years of experience in the field of industrial and commercial drying and dehumidification – and the feedback that constantly occurs between the individual divisions of the Trotec Group.

And last but by no means least there are our Ex-protected models – units designed especially for drying processes in Ex-protected areas. These models carry all the hallmarks of the other units in the TTR-Series with the exception that they are additionally equipped with special safety features so that they can be used in high-risk areas, like bunkers, for example.

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As we said at the outset – it’s not about a fairytale, although the prices are, well, fairly fantastic and hard to believe!

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