NEW IRS 800 E infrared radiant heater – sun-like warmth on demand!

Why does this infrared radiant heater outshine all the others? Well, on the one hand, there’s the targeted on-demand warmth at the touch of a button – without any noise, odours or start-up time. And on the other hand, there’s the all-round attractive appearance of our new handsomely designed IRS 800 E: This radiant heater looks just as good on the terrace as it does in the hobby room. You will also be impressed by its many convenient advantages – including the usual unbeatable Trotec price…

The IRS 800 E converts a majority of the energy it uses directly into heat, making the quartz heater especially energy-efficient in direct comparison to a hot air fan. And because the device operates without a fan, it delivers odourless, silent heat and doesn’t raise any dust. This makes the heater an ideal heating solution for allergy sufferers.

Using the new IRS 800 E infrared radiant heater is extremely easy: The required heat output is easily set thanks to the infinitely adjustable thermometer and two switchable heat levels with up to 800 watts. And best of all: this mobile marvel can be used everywhere, because it has a convenient handle that allows it to be moved from location to location in no time at all – Be it in the bathroom, conservatory, on the balcony, in your holiday home or office…

How it works

The extremely mobile infrared radiant heater IRS 800 E can be used immediately in any location – all you need is a socket. Simply set up the device, plug in, turn on and enjoy the feel-good warmth on your skin! The anti-tilt switch integrated into the device base ensures safe use: if the heater becomes unbalanced, the anti-tilt switch shuts the device off even while it’s still falling.

Infrared heaters like the IRS 800 E work according to the same principle as natural sunshine. The infrared rays don’t warm the surrounding air, but rather the comfortable warmth lands directly on the skin or other objects, such as blankets, cushions or walls. This heating method cares for your skin and for your wallet, and makes the IRS 800 E extremely energy-efficient.

Four of many advantages that I particularly like:

  • infrared warmth without preheating
  • even and targeted distribution of warmth
  • clean, condensate-free, odourless and silent warmth
  • suitable for allergy sufferers as it does not raise dust

IRS 800 E infrared radiant heater – TÜV-tested quality!

Order the new IRS 800 E infrared radiant heater today at our current offer price, reduced from £36.85 to just £18.40 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

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