Air cooler vs. air conditioning unit – real benefits when cooling with mobile air coolers.


Air coolers such as the new PAE 25 are direct air coolers and, unlike air conditioning units, they do not feature a refrigeration system (such as in a refrigerator), but cool the air in a room using the natural principle of water evaporation. Everybody knows this cooling effect, for example from perspiration or cooler air in the vicinity of waterfalls, rivers and lakes.

Practical knowledge of the cooling process:

Cooling with air coolers is a completely natural and moreover cost-effective cooling method without high energy demand for the cooling process. However, it is more suitable for small rooms, since the effective radius when using air coolers cannot be increased as easily as it can when using powerful air conditioning units. All users of an air cooler should also be aware that it cannot cool down a room from 28 °C to 20 °C by itself. To achieve this, there is no choice but to revert to a real air conditioning unit, such as the PAC series from Trotec.
Air coolers are most effective in rooms where the air is predominantly dry and may cause a drop in temperature that can only ever go as far as the air saturation limit. The devices work by direct cooling, i.e. they supply moisture directly to the air. This results in the air humidity rising significantly in the room, which is not always desired. However, in Winter, the increase in the air humidity is desired due to the dry heating air. Air coolers can therefore be operated all year round.
A big advantage of air coolers, however, is that they do not have an exhaust hose like all mobile air conditioning units. The hose must not be laid through a window, a door or a wall opening. This makes air coolers extremely flexible and easy to handle, since they only have to be positioned and switched on.

Summary: Our air cooler PAE 25 is efficient and always good for refreshment:

  • Cools and pleasantly refreshes the air using the integrated air filter with the practical ventilation function.
  • Environmentally friendly operation: uses a natural principle, it is not a refrigeration system and it does not contain chemical refrigerants.
  • Particularly energy efficient, with extremely low operating costs.
  • Does not require an exhaust hose. Thus no positioning restrictions.
  • Increase in cooling power possible by using cooling packs or ice cubes.
  • Suitable for operation all year round.

There is no one and only best cooling process. The more varied the initial parameters of room size, cooling method, demand for comfort, installation effort and of course also budget, the more different the perfect solution can be in each individual case.
For this very reason, Trotec has numerous quality units with various cooling processes in its range. This way, you will always find the right unit for your personal requirements and will always profit from the best price/performance ratio of a leading brand supplier. Simply check out our online shop and see which device suits you best.

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