NEW TVE 9 table fan – affordable and ultra-quiet refreshment!


With our new TVE 9 table fan, you can quickly and affordably ensure comfortable cooling for the hot days ahead. Simply place the unit on the table at home or at your workplace, plug in the power cable and you are all set with a cooling breeze. And quiet as a whisper, mind you! And you can get it super affordably with our early booking discount, saving over 50% – as long as you order the TVE 9 by the delivery in CW 27!

It’s true, our new table fan is obviously no replacement for an air conditioning unit, but it is nevertheless an inexpensive and cool alternative. Because instead of an entire room being cooled down by an air conditioning unit, consuming a great deal of energy, sweaty skin is cooled by evaporation with the wind generated by the fan. The air feels perceptibly cooler than when it remains at the same temperature the whole time. Moreover, the new TVE 9 is so inexpensive that the question of whether to get a unit for the office or for home never comes into play – just order two units!

This is how it works

The TVE 9 fan generates a proper wind thanks to its 30 watt power. The stream of cooling air can thereby be adjusted to fit your individual requirements – thanks to two speed levels, the fan head inclination angle that can be vertically adjusted up to 30° and the automatic 90° horizontal swivel movement that can be switched on or off. With its perfectly calibrated fan blades and its excellent engine smoothness, the unit runs so quietly on the lowest setting that it even allows a soothing cooling in noise-sensitive bedrooms.
Safety is also ensured while the table fan is running: A removable and easy-to-clean metal protective grille offers protection from the fan blades from the front and back. The sturdy and topple-resistant base ensures secure positioning of the fan and an overheating protection guarantees automatic shut-off.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the 30 watt power
  • the low purchase and operating costs
  • the 2 speed levels
  • the automatic 90° oscillation that can be switched off

TVE 9 table fan – the coolly calculated cool alternative

Enjoy the benefits of our current early booking discount up until the delivery in CW 27: Order the TVE 9 table fan today, reduced from £16.20 to just £7.31 incl. VAT – now in theTrotec shop!

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