It’s back again: HyStream 2000 heat gun – now including a free set of 4 adapter nozzles!


It’s finally back: Our universal aid, indispensable in every toolbox – the HyStream 2000 heat gun. The essential partner of every ambitious handyman is the tool of choice – for example, for quick paint removal and removal of material residue as well as for wallpaper removal, car wrapping and plastics welding. Best of all: You can get the HyStream 2000 heat gun at the current sale price, including a free set of 4 adapter nozzles!

Thanks to the ergonomic pistol design of our all-rounder HyStream 2000, even longer heat treatments can be done effortlessly. If you would like to work hands-free, the thermal tool can also be easily used in stationary operation due to the specially balanced weight distribution. In addition, you can optimally configure the HyStream 2000 heat gun for any task, as the unit has a total of more than 60 temperature levels to choose from, from 50 to 650 °C, and a five-level airflow control. The automatic temperature control with integrated overheating protection hereby ensures safe continuous operation. You can read off all selected performance values conveniently on the integrated LCD display. And with the memory function, the unit saves your last selected setting, even after it is switched off.

Getting one now is worth your while – includes a free set of 4 adapter nozzles!

With the free set of 4 adapter nozzles, the HyStream 2000 heat gun is the optimal thermal tool for just about any task. Whether for precise or broad heat treatment or for targeted heat radiation deflection to protect heat-sensitive substrate materials – or even as a profession grill lighter to heat your grill coals through quickly.

  • Grill lighter nozzle
    Thanks to the specially constructed nozzle, it can be inserted deep into the grill coals, and in just a few minutes they are heated through and ready for grilling.
  • Wide beam nozzle
    For continuous, flat air distribution, optimal for extensive removal of old coats of paint or uniform drying of filling work.
  • Glass protection/deflection nozzle
    Protection from overheating – for example glass panes – by deflecting heat beams. Ideal for the removal of old coats of paint and putty on window frames or for restoration jobs.
  • Reduction nozzle
    Reduces the heat beam for precise work, for example for the removal of paint in corners or for welding.

Hot deal alert – act now, before …

… everyone does. Order the HyStream 2000 including a free set of 4 adapter nozzles today at our current sale price, reduced from £41.15 to just £24.68 incl. VAT– now in the Trotec Shop!

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