There’s just no way to overcome a deep-rooted prejudice – is there?

Overcoming deep-rooted prejudices against craftsmen by using professional equipment

The craftsmen among our readers will know what I mean when I say that some of their customers still have some pretty outdated preconceptions with regard to their craft. But who on earth was this one particular craftsman – so unreliable, so clumsy and so inconsiderate – that even today craftsmen of all trades are still having to suffer the consequences?

When people call a carpenter, a painter or a tiler, they already have an image in their mind’s eye of utter chaos, noise and dirt and a total invasion of their privacy. Good service, respectful behaviour and up-to-date equipment are often not among the first things that cross the customers’ minds when they think about a craftsman’s pending visit … But this is exactly where you can benefit from this mess! Living up to high expectations is a hard thing to achieve – today’s customers are becoming harder and harder to please. But to exceed all expectations can be so easy when you amaze the sceptics among your customers with involvement, professional behaviour and friendly and accessible manners. And what is best of all: a satisfied customer is much more likely to recommend you to neighbours and friends!

Apart from such obvious things as punctuality, reliability or outward appearance, there is nothing that can make a deeper impression than professional equipment. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, because even a small investment can make a really big difference. Fumbling around with a folding rule, for example, can be make people look quite inept and it can be time-consuming, too – especially with a customer breathing down your neck while their trying to protect their valued possessions from potential harm. Yet it could all be so much easier: The BD15 laser distance meter can save you a lot of trouble and your customer from becoming a of bundle nerves. And one there’s another thing you can be certain of: whenever you use a state-of-the-art folding rule 2.0 you are showing your customers that you are keeping up with the times!

So no matter when or where the myth of the unreliable craftsman evolved – it’s about time to do away with it for good. But who am I telling … your customers will know that already!

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