NEW PH BW10 meter – finally available for delivery


The new BW10 measuring device is an essential tool for monitoring and maintaining correct pH levels – for example in swimming baths and public swimming pools, or in natural ponds. With this compact and handy measuring tool, the pH value of acidic to alkaline solutions can be precisely determined. Professional areas of application range from laboratory analyses and water examinations to quality controls in the food and drinks industry.

The new BW10 pH measuring device allows you to precisely determine pH values between 0 and 14 in temperatures between 0 and 50°C thanks to the automatic temperature compensation and the use of automatic calibration. This allows you to establish whether the water in your swimming pool is too acidic or alkaline and therefore ensure your guests don’t suffer allergic reactions. Or check whether a natural pond has maintained its natural balance, because rain or added tap water can push the pH value out of the tolerance range for fish into acidic (pH < 7) or alkaline (pH > 7) levels.

This is how it works

The BW10 pH meter is fitted with a 3-point calibration, which you can apply at any time in just a few steps using the included pH buffer solution set. The pH value detected is displayed, precisely to two decimal points, alongside the water temperature on the clear two-line display. You therefore do not need a separate thermometer.

In addition, the BW10 pH is fitted with various practical features. For example, it has an easy-to-replace pH electrode, which, like the water temperature sensor, is protected against damage with a removable cap. The comfort hold function saves the last measurement and an automatic cut-off feature reduces the energy consumed by the four round cell batteries included in delivery.

Four of the numerous advantages that I particularly like:

  • The two-line display showing both pH value and water temperature at the same time
  • The automatic temperature compensation (ATC) for precise measurements at varying temperatures
  • The 3-point factory calibration
  • Auto calibration for pH 4.01/7.00/10.01

BW10 pH meter – Precise. Compact. Handy.

Make no compromises when it comes to  water quality! Order the BW10 pH meter today at our current offer price of just £56.76, reduced from £85.17 incl. VAT in the Trotec shop now!

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