Effective drying after flood damage: How non-professionals can achieve successful drying

After a flood, it is crucial to act immediately to minimize damage and avoid long-term problems. With the right equipment and a structured approach, you can dry efficiently and effectively. We offer solutions that enable non-professionals to achieve professional results in water damage drying. Read on to learn how you can quickly and easily handle flood damage with dehumidifiers, heaters, and fans.

Effective drying in four simple steps to achieve optimal results and significantly shorten drying time:

Optimal placement of dehumidifiers: For efficient drying, place dehumidifiers in the center of each room. If there are not enough dehumidifiers available, use fans to keep the air moving and promote air exchange between rooms. Position the fans diagonally so they blow towards open doors.

TTK 72 E Dehumidifier

TTK 72 E Dehumidifier

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Adjust room temperature: Temperatures between 15°C and 25°C are optimal for a fast drying process. It gets colder at night, even during summer, which can significantly delay drying time. In this case, you should use electric heaters to maintain a steady temperature. For basement areas of 60 to 70 m², devices with a power output of about 3 kW are usually sufficient.

Electric heater TDS 20

Electric heater TDS 20, The TDS 20 electric heater delivers between 1.65 kW and 3.3 kW in 2 stages (stage 1 fan only).…

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Improve air ventilation: Use fans to optimize air circulation. This helps moisture evaporate faster from surfaces into the room air, speeding up the drying process.

TFV 30 S Turbo Fan

TFV 30 S Turbo Fan, The turbofans are especially well-suited for operation in carpet and cavity drying and water damage…

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Faster wall drying with infrared heating panels: In construction drying or renovation, infrared heating of suitable wall materials causes capillary moisture transport towards the heated wall surface due to the temperature gradient, which can transport significantly more moisture from the wall in a shorter time compared to diffusion.

TIH 400 S Infrared Heating Panel

TIH 400 S Infrared Heating Panel, The Infrared heating panel TIH 400 S is our best recommendation for heating rooms,…

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