Repairing flood damage: Building drying with infrared heating plates and combination devices

High water and flooding can cause serious damage and make it necessary to dry buildings quickly and efficiently. One particularly effective method is the use of infrared heating plates. In this blog post, we explain why infrared heating plates are ideal for building drying and how they can optimize the drying process when used in combination with other devices such as condensation dryers and fans.

Why infrared heating plates for building drying?

Infrared heating plates offer an excellent solution for building drying and restoration. Infrared heating of suitable wall materials creates a temperature gradient that induces capillary moisture transport towards the heated wall surface. Unlike slow diffusion, this method can transport significantly more moisture from the wall in a shorter period.

The process works as follows:

  • The infrared radiation penetrates deeply into the wall and heats it.
  • The resulting temperature gradient causes the moisture to be capillarily transported to the heated surface.
  • At the wall surface, the moisture enters the room and diffuses into the room air.

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Accelerating the drying process with dehumidifiers

The use of infrared heating plates alone is already very efficient, but the drying process can be further accelerated when combined with Trotec dehumidifiers. Condensation dryers ensure that the room humidity is maintained at an optimal level. This supports the continuous removal of moisture from the wall into the room air, ensuring that the drying is faster and more effective.

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Support from fans

In addition to infrared heating plates and condensation dryers, fans can also be used. Fans promote air circulation in the room, allowing moist air to be removed more quickly and replaced by dry air. This also helps to speed up the drying process.

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Controlling toom temperature with the BN30 thermostat

To further optimize the efficiency of drying, the use of the BN30 thermostat is recommended. This device allows precise control of the room temperature, which is particularly important to create optimal conditions for building drying. The BN30 thermostat can precisely regulate the heating output of the infrared heating plates, ensuring uniform and effective drying.

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