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Repair works on tracks, replacing sleepers, costly welding work: work on railways is strenuous, especially as workers are exposed to weather conditions. They work in the rain, wind and strong sunlight. Of course, in spite of this the works carried out must be exact. Provide your employees in railway construction with reliable working conditions – with a robust railway construction tent that can be assembled quickly, from Trotec.
This will protect your employees on site, meaning you also benefit from the quality of their work. The quick construction tents from Trotec transform themselves with the special equipment “R” for “Rail” into a heat-resistant and weatherproof workplace in an instant. Fast and reliable! Continue reading

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Rail passengers want to get from A to B relaxed; not only in this country but in France as well. Thus, the State Railway Company SNCF always tries to avoid delays and cancellations. Among other things regular maintenance work and repairs on the rails are necessary for which certain safety regulations have to be met. Continue reading

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Work tents come in all shapes and sizes – and all standards of different quality too. The pop-up work tents from Trotec are made of specially treated high-quality canvas material which is designed to stand up to the kind of weather which would normally make you wish that you had an indoor job. The work tents provide excellent protection against heavy rain, snow, sleet and showers that could otherwise prevent you from being able to carry out your work efficinetly and getting the job done. Continue reading

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