Which is more suitable for babies – a heat lamp or a radiant heater?


Heat lamps are above all able to aid your child’s recovery from colds – by clearing mucus when they have the sniffles or a cough, for example. You should consult a paediatrician before deciding whether to use a heat lamp to treat colds in infants. However, you will hear a clear ‘no’ from the experts regarding the use of a heat lamp as a source of warmth on the changing table.

A heat lamp for babies is insufficient for comprehensively radiating heat during changing, applying cream or giving a baby massage. In fact, purchasing a changing table heater makes a lot of sense for your baby’s daily care, such as the IR 1500 S quartz radiant heater by Trotec, which wraps your baby’s body in comforting and cuddly warmth. Babies quickly feel the cold during changing, as a nappy not only keeps them dry but also warm. And every infant feels very uncomfortable going from a warm bath to a cold changing table, which is usually met with a heartfelt cry.

The changing table radiant heater by Trotec produces the warmth your baby needs

The Trotec IR 1500 S radiant heater dispenses warmth to where it’s really needed, namely in the changing table area. The particularly energy-efficient heater has 3 heat settings at its disposal, with a maximum heating capacity of 1500 watts – and even the lowest level is more than sufficient for your changing table. The quick and intensive warmth it produces protects your baby from chills. Even baby cream and lotion produce a short-term cooling sensation on your baby’s skin when applied, which is immediately counteracted by the warming rays of the radiant heater. Whatever role it plays, daily use of the radiant heater will quickly demonstrate that quick and instant warmth is often needed for nappy changes during the day and during the night too.

After the baby phase, you can use the IR 1500 S anywhere

After it has completed its service above the baby changing table, the IR 1500 S radiant heater has practical uses everywhere as an all-round heater – on the workbench in the hobby room, in the garage, on the patio – wherever. Now you’ll be able to make use of the two higher heat settings and will once again be amazed at how quickly your immediate surroundings are heated to a cosy warmth by the infra-red rays from the moment the device is switched on.
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