Barbecue like a pro with this thermometer – tips and tricks!


Those who are satisfied with barbecuing the classic sausages and pork belly steaks are missing a trick. Barbecuing 4.0 is the order of the day! This means smoking and indirect grilling with a so-called “kettle barbecue”, on which the barbecued food is cooked under a closed lid at either very low or very high temperatures. For this, however, using a barbecue thermometer is essential. Have a read of what you should be looking out for…

With indirect barbecuing, for example, the barbecued food is cooked on a kettle barbecue at very high temperatures. In order to keep the temperature constant, the lid of the barbecue should remain closed most of the time. A barbecue thermometer such as the BT40 by Trotec, for example, should be used so that you can tell when the meat is cooked. Before barbecuing, the tip of the temperature sensor is inserted into the food – ideally in the thickest part. After that, close the lid and do not lift it up again until the food is finished cooking.

The temperature sensor, which is connected to the BT40’s base station, then sends the current temperature to the portable handset – the receiver – in short regular intervals. This tells you when the meat has reached the desired consistency by beeping and changing the colour of the display. Simply inspired: there are eight food types on the receiver in total – BEEF, LAMB, VEAL, HAMBURGER, PORK, FISH, TURKEY and CHICKEN – with up to five cooking settings to choose from.

And which meat is cooked at which temperature?

A juicy, so-called ‘rare’ steak from the barbecue is cooked to perfection at a temperature of 50-55 degrees. In contrast, at up to 75 degrees you get a perfect medium steak with a light pink-coloured middle – this cooking setting is a favourite for most steak fans. If you would like your barbecued meat completely well-done, then wait patiently until the thermometer rises to above 75 degrees. The BT40 precisely calculates all these various cooking settings by measuring the core temperature – from RARE, so bloody, up to MEDIUM WELL DONE, a piece of meat completely cooked through. Best of all: as an alternative, you can also pre-select your desired cooking level from the outset with up to five cooking settings. Then the BT40 lets you know when the respective temperature is reached – and the dish can be served cooked to perfection.

Try barbecuing an entire Sunday roast

Cook every piece of meat perfectly with our BT40 barbecue thermometer, no matter how big it is. Even the renowned Sunday roast, for example, can be prepared on the kettle barbecue! Bear in mind that every time the lid is lifted, the cooking time for a big piece of meat is extended by a good 10 minutes. As a general rule, a piece of meat for around 6 people takes around 3 hours to cook through. And smoking food takes considerably longer. For this typically American cooking style, the food is left on the barbecue for up to 10 hours as the meat is cooked at low temperatures. Thanks to the BT40, food can be safely left to its own devices, as the device saves you all those unnecessary trips to the barbecue to check on the meat thanks to its radio range of up to 20 metres.

The BT40 barbecue thermometer – barbecue, roast and braise meat perfectly

The BT40 provides outstanding service on both the barbecue and the domestic stove. Because, whether you use the griddle pan, haul out the roasting pan or start up the oven, our barbecue thermometer always precisely calculates up to five cooking settings by measuring the core temperature: order the the BT40 barbecue thermometer today for just £13.42 including VAT, reduced from £26.91 – in the Trotec shop now!

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