Turbo fan TFV 30 S – now available again for immediate delivery!


The huge demand for the turbo fan TFV 30 S from sanitary, cleaning and craft businesses does not stop growing. This is because our universal fan is the all-time favourite in the industry for drying out walls and floors, screed and buildings as well as drying out carpets after wet cleaning. Now the previously sold-out TFV 30 S is back in stock again and ready for delivery – but for how long?

The turbo fan lives up to its name: It blows out a huge amount of air of up to 2800 m³/h exerting great force with a maximum air pressure of 380 Pa. Its specially shaped air-outlet duct enables the TFV 30 S to generate a wide air flow close to the ground. This gives a discernible increase in the drying time for wet floor coverings and moist screeds. The accelerated drying time also saves valuable time for cleaning carpets – combined with the advantage that the natural fibre surfaces warp a lot less than with other drying processes and the unsightly ripples and creases are prevented.

This is how it works

Thanks to the high air performance, the turbo fan TFV 30 S can be utilised almost everywhere. The device is equipped with three variable power levels so that the air volume can always be ideally adjusted for the various drying-out requirements. The device is extremely energy efficient – so it works highly efficiently and saves energy at the same time. Both its operation and storage are possible in the three setting-up angles of 0°, 45° or 90°. The stackable turbo fan is fitted with a housing made from virtually indestructible polyethylene and is therefore just as light as it is robust.

The purpose of the universal fan design can be seen on two extremelypractical details: An integrated service plug socket on the TFV 30 S provides the possibility for, as an example, directly connecting a second turbo fan or an additional dehumidifier for supporting the drying out process. And a three-fold hose distributor is also available as an optional extra so that the air flow can be focused on up to three different positions during one working process.

Four of the many advantages I find to be particularly good:

  • the robust polyethylene housing
  • the two-duct radial fans with extra-large special shaft
  • the three blower settings
  • the integrated service socket for connecting additional devices

Turbo fan TFV 30 S – all your experience is telling you to order now …

Before it’s too late again: order the turbo fan TFV 30 S today at our current sale price, reduced from £256.98 to just £149.46 incl. VAT– now in the Trotec Shop!

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