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For producing dry aged beef, everything depends on the beef being of an excellent quality. But the technology in the rooms where the dry ageing is done also has to be a hundred percent right. The ageing rooms must be kept at the correct temperature and be constantly dehumidified. The powerful TTR series of desiccant dehumidifiers from Trotec guarantee stable climate conditions. Long-lasting, low-maintenance and flexible to configure, they work to ensure the best possible quality and to retain the prized aromas of the meat. Excellent taste for demanding customers. Guaranteed!

The Americans have led the way here: Sirloin that has been aged on the bone in a special way over many days are a feast for particularly demanding palates. For decades now, dry aged beef, as it is often called, has been a cult food in the USA. Here too, at the same time, gourmets have been singing the praises of the exquisite steaks with their inimitably buttery and nutty aroma and the intensive taste experience. More and more meat producers are including the premium-quality meat in their range. Ultimately it is not just the customers who want to be served. For the producers it is equally a sign that they are playing in this gourmet league.

Sophisticated ageing process

Does your palate also get excited just when you think about dry aged beef? Of course it does! And you know full well that it is worth paying the relatively high price per kilogramme for this kind of meat. That way you can experience the pure taste. The tender, succulent meat with its special aroma is made in a time-consuming and expensive process, dry ageing. Certain guidelines apply to it. Among others, the temperature needs to be kept constantly around the freezing point. And the humidity in the ageing room needs to be permanently at about 60 per cent. The beef is hung on the bone for a long time in this climate. Rib eye and roast beef need between 21 and 28 days and fillets need seven days, until the meat has reached the ideal maturation. In the process the meat loses more than a third of its weight as it loses its juices. This makes the outer layer black and start to develop mould. Finally the butcher cuts out the exquisite meat from the inside.

The best technology for demanding palates

How can the optimum and permanent air conditioning of the ageing room be achieved so that you can get the best possible aroma out of the beef? We promise you: dry aged beef is not witchcraft – if you use tried-and-tested technology from Trotec. Since the Trotec Group guarantees you a long-lasting ideal climate in your ageing rooms with their powerful and effective TTR series of desiccant dehumidifiers. You have the choice between the mobile TTR drying units and the stationary dehumidifiers of the TTR series. Find out which model best suits your needs.

Powerful and modern

An ideal climate at any time. That means you can count on great results when you are dry ageing meat. The stationary dehumidifiers are suited best of all for permanent use in ageing rooms. Here’s one example: the TTR 2000 drying unit in its hygienic and corrosion-proof stainless steel housing. It works with a dehumidification capacity of several hundred kilogrammes per day. And that is by no means all. It – like every model in this series – is developed in Germany according to the highest measures of quality and works absolutely reliably and with little maintenance even at low dew points. It can be rigged to perfectly match your individual needs thanks to its numerous optional fittings. A real all-rounder in everything involving dehumidification, especially in areas sensitive to hygiene.
For flexible uses, we recommend a mobile dehumidifier, which has great hygiene properties. Choose a TTR stainless steel dehumidifier like the TTR 250. This mobile device for professional use saves space, is resistant to corrosion and works effectively to ensure the best possible quality of dry aged beef, to excite anyone who tries it.

Good advice from us is not expensive

Which model is best for you? If you need help choosing the suitable dehumidifier or working out its capacity, the Trotec Industry Service advisers are always ready to help you as much as they can. We look forward to meeting you!

A hint for temporary use: the TKL Hire Service!

Do you want to just try out making dry aged beef first or are you looking for a specific piece of technology? Try us. The mobile TTR desiccant dehumidifiers are available from the TKL Hire Service. The best quality at the lowest prices for hire.

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