TTW 25000 S wind machine – was sold out, now available again!


There was recently enormous demand everywhere for a fresh breeze, and our stocks of TTW 25000 S sold out in no time. In such cases of course, we crank up our production quickly, so that now we are able to announce that: our wind machine is back and reporting for immediate duty! So if it’s fresh air you want, act now…

With this drum fan for mobile air circulation, your business is always on the safe side. As the TTW 25000 S combines sound technology and high air circulation capacity with a top quality price-performance ratio. It doesn’t matter why you might need a fresh breeze on-site – whether to disperse agricultural and production odours, to ventilate a marquee, to help circulate the air in stores, or to temporarily support cooling or heating systems.

This is how it works

This plug-in wind machine impresses with its high air flow rate of up to 27,600 m³/h, which can be regulated in two stages. The fan drum has a protective grille on both sides and can be tilted so that air flow can be directed towards high wall or ceiling areas. The robust, galvanized steel housing is designed as a carriage, so that the TTW 25000 S can be easily transported and positioned at the operating site.

Four of the many benefits that I particularly like:

  • the low-budget option for semi-professional ventilation applications
  • the high air circulation capacity
  • supplied plug-in ready with simple operation
  • air flow direction tilt angle can be adjusted all the way from horizontal to vertical

TTW 25000 S wind machine – bringing fresh air cheaply to your site

Bring fresh air to your home or site: why not order the TTW 25000 S drum fan today, reduced from £502.08 to just £383.53, incl. VAT– in our Trotec shop now!

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