TTK 54 E dehumidifier – finally back in stock!

The TTK 54 E is a dehumidifier and – thanks to an integrated ioniser – air purifier in one. We recognise air ions from nature – they can be found predominantly in forests and coastal areas, i.e. in those places where people can breathe deeply and feel at ease. Furthermore, the elegant device in stylish white completely fulfils its role as a shining example of a dehumidifier with four operation modes as well as all the sophisticated dehumidifier standards of the HomeComfort series.

The TTK 54 E effortlessly performs its main task, professionally dehumidifying living and working areas, with a maximum dehumidification capacity of 16 litres a day, allowing it to reliably keep even larger rooms of up to 30 m² dry. Alongside the state-of-the-art fill level warning light when the water tank is full, as well as overfill protection with automatic deactivation, the window on the water tank also allows you to keep a constant eye on the fill level of the 3 litre container.

The benefits at a glance – the TTK 75 E dehumidifier …

  • has four operation modes overall:
    1. hygrostat-controlled automatic dehumidification with a target value preselection between 35% and 85% humidity (in 5% increments) – including a connectible turbo fan
    2. a comfort function for the automatic regulation of the humidity level in relation to temperature – a popular alternative to the automatic dehumidification
    3. a laundry-drying function
    4. and a permanent mode for constant dehumidification. For unsupervised constant operation, the device is equipped with a drainage attachment for an external condensation drain.
  • can switch on the integrated ioniser in every mode. The ioniser produces negative ions to clean the air in the room and to supplement it with active oxygen. They negatively load the particles in the air due to their strong anti-static effect and cause these to fall to the floor, so that we no longer breathe them in.
  • is equipped with an auto-restart function: with this preselected setting, the device restarts after an unexpected deactivation due to an electricity interruption as soon as the power supply returns. Therefore, the TTK 54 E is also suited for use with a timer.
  • complies with the dehumidifier standards of the HomeComfort series in its usual equipment profile. This includes the practical timer function, the fill-level warning light when the water tank is full and overfill protection with automatic deactivation.
  • possesses an easy-access and easy-to-clean air filter which reliably filters animal hairs, fluff, fuzz and dust out of the indoor air and prevents bacterial growth.
  • is equipped with practical carrying handles, steerable transport rollers and a practical cable holder, allowing for a convenient change of location.

TTK 54 E dehumidifier – enormous variety of equipment for an extremely low price

Order the TTK 54 E dehumidifier today at our current sale price, reduced from £224.41 to just £121.53 incl. VAT. – in the Trotec shop now!

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