NEW TVM 24 D floor fan – a classic combination of metal and passion

The TVM 24 D floor fan is full of character, and its nostalgic retro design creates an exceptionally cool atmosphere before it is even switched on – and as soon as it is started up, it delivers the tingly-fresh cooling you want. The young classic, also called a drum fan due to its characteristic design, not only performs simple wind cooling but can also perfectly carry out various functions such as ventilation, wind creation or drying.

With a full 124 Watts, the TVM 24 D floor fan possesses superior power reserves to stand up to climbing temperatures and offer appropriate pleasant cooling. Even the hottest, stuffiest air in living or working areas can be blown out through an open door or window with the fan’s high air flow and large blade diameter of 24” – approximately 60 cm.

How it works

Thanks to its three speed settings, the TVM 24 D is fully prepared for every ventilation scenario: the control panel on the rear side of the metal grille basket allows you to set anything from a gentle cooling breeze to a stiff wind. Additionally, the fan box is infinitely adjustable up to 135° from its horizontal axis in order to ensure that the airflow reaches the exact spot where it’s needed.

Just like its professional counterparts, the similarly built wind machines used in front of and behind the cameras of big photo and film studios, the TVM 24 D has an especially long lifespan: everything up to the chrome-plated blade tips is made out of robust metal and it’s even specially equipped with a copper coil in the motor.

With the classic, matte-black look of its rotor box and wire stand, the TVM 24 D floor fan never looks out of place, whether at a photo shoot, restaurant or, thanks to its practical wall and ceiling hanging functions, at a party or concert. The appliance requires little space and can survive a jostle or two – three non-slip rubber feet are attached to the underside of the wire stand and make sure it keeps a steady footing. The carrying handle on the rear side makes transporting the fan to and from various locations especially simple.

Four of the many advantages which I particularly like:

  • the powerful 124 Watt performance
  • the 3 speed settings
  • the infinitely adjustable fan head up to 135°
  • the protective metal basket around the rotor

TVM 24 D floor fan – TÜV-tested brand quality from Trotec!

You can also get the new TVM 24 d in TÜV-tested quality with guaranteed high value, safety and functionality. Order the TVM 24 D floor fan today at our current offer price, reduced from £140.09 to just £74.70 incl. VAT. – in the Trotec shop now!

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