TTK 40 E dehumidifier – finally back in stock!

Very user-friendly. Elegant design. Minimal space requirements. The TTK 40 E dehumidifier, which is finally available again, scores points with these advantages, among others. This device is perfectly suited to every living environment, operating quietly and with a very persuasive price tag. With such a great offer, you are bound to be immediately won over by this elegant dehumidifier. See for yourself…

The TTK 40 E naturally also does an extremely good job of the tasks required of a modern dehumidifiers: With a dehumidifying capacity of up to 14 litres a day, the device can reliably dry out a room of up to 25 m². Best of all, thanks to the digital humidity value selection, you can precisely and energy efficiently select your desired room conditions and reduce your power usage, in comparison to conventionally controlled devices.

How it works

The TTK 40 E is equipped with a very clearly laid out operating panel, which helps you to operate the wide range of comfort functions. For example, you can set the dehumidifying function to fully automatic or to permanent operation via the digital humidity value selection. Timed operation is also possible thanks to the timer function.

Through the combination of a high operational range, a flexible fan with two settings, hygrostat control and a powerful compressor with 0.34 kW of power, the TTK 40 E is perfectly suitable for the pleasantly quiet drying of living and working spaces or heated basements. For applications where regular manual emptying of the water tank s not possible, for example during unsupervised continuous use in a holiday home, the TTK 40 E has a separate, integrated port which allows the condensate to be drained directly with a hose.

The standard filter cleaning indicator, which automatically shows when the reusable air filter needs to be cleaned, is especially convenient. The standard features of the electronically defrostable TTK 40 E are complemented by a filling level warning light for when the water tank is full, and an overfilling prevention function with automatic shut-off.

Four of many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the two-level fan
  • the rotary compressor
  • the automatic electronic defrosting system
  • the washable air filter

TTK 40 E dehumidifier – attractive in design, great in value!

Order the new TTK 40 E dehumidifier today at our current offer price, reduced from £233.28 to just £121.28 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

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