Trotec tips to beat the heat – the PAC 3500 air conditioning unit

The tip of the day: “Eat more tropical fruits!” And offer them to your guests; they are the perfect summer snack, because melons, pineapple and other tropical fruits have an especially high water and mineral content. In addition, you should arrange something else very special for your guests, colleagues and clients  – a feel-good climate at its finest, produced by our powerful PAC 3500 air conditioning unit. The perfect solution for hotels, offices, workshops and so on and so forth …

When it comes to the economic climate-control ofhotel rooms, office rooms, workshops, server rooms and many other areas of application, nothing touches the top PAC 3500 air conditioning unit. This is ensured by 3.5 kW of cooling power, with which you can quickly cool your rooms of up to 115 m³ back down to comfortable temperatures. An advantage of theintegrated dehumidifier, which also plays an important role in the comfortable overall climate with a performance of 2.2 l/h. Thanks to itsenergy efficiency class A, the device is particularly energy and cost-saving – which eases your budget even more.

Beat the heat – thanks to these advantages

  • With the PAC 3500, you can enter your desired temperature directly. The integrated thermostat then implements this so-called real value temperature selection fully automatically and automatically regulates the performance of the air conditioning unit.
  • 3 ventilation levels also ensure circulation of the room air even without turning on the cooling function. With the adjustable air blowing direction, you can tune the distribution of the room air to your individual requirements.
  • You control the operating mode, the room temperature, the three ventilation levels and the automatic fan either with the wide-range IR remote control or directly via the convenient membrane key control panel with the LED display on the air conditioning unit.
  • The convenient timer function enables time-controlled activation and deactivation of the device – its efficient use should not be underestimated as a cost brake.
  • An antibacterial, washable air filter serves for improvement of the air quality by filtering the suctioned air and then supplying the remaining, dehumidified air. The water extracted from the air in the room in the cooling and dehumidification mode is collected as condensate in the built-in water tank.
  • Due to its compact construction, light-weight rollers and recessed grips, the device can easily be repositioned in new locations again and again.
  • Our additional tip: Use the practical AirLock 100 window sealing to mount the exhaust pipe: This ensures the window sealing does not let any cold air out and also prevents insects from getting inside.

PAC 3500 air conditioning unit – optimal in its equipment and price-performance ratio!

Order the PAC 3500 air conditioning unit today at our current sale price, reduced from £494.81 to just £308.08 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

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