Trotec tips to beat the heat – the new TVE 10 and TVE 11 table fans

The tip of the day: “Put your hand fans away!” Fans look elegant, are suitable for even small bags and provide a lot of freshness. But since it’s not everyone’s thing to sit on the sofa or at work waving a fan, here are the sensible alternatives: the TVE 10 and TVE 11 table fans offer whisper-quiet refreshment in the office and at home. The best: their insane price allows them to separate themselves from the usual ‘black and white thinking’ – just order both!

You can hardly stand up to the heat in a more cost-effective way: The TVE 10 table fan and the TVE 11 create fast cooling for you on hot days. Without assembly effort, simply plug in the network cable to set up each unit – and already it provides 25 watt performance for refreshing cooling on the skin.

Beat the heat – thanks to these advantages

  • Both TVE units provide two speed levels: In moderate temperatures the energy-saving speed level 1 is enough for soothing refreshment and a cooling breeze. In higher temperatures up to 30 degrees the speed level 2 provides a cold, pleasant gust of wind.
  • Thanks to the vertical adjustable inclination angle of the fan head with disengagable, automatic 100° oscillation – that means the air current pans automatically – the air current can be adjusted and directed to individual requirements.
  • Due to the perfectly calibrated fan blade and quietness, the TVE devices generate only very quiet background noise at the lowest speed level. In this way the table fans are ideally suitable for cooling in noise-sensitive bedrooms at night.
  • The stable base with a low centre of gravity provides a secure stand at all times. Through the removable metal protective grid on the front and back side, the fan blades are always protected and ensure that cleaning the unit is easy.

TVE 10 and TV 11 table fans – one for the office and one for at home!

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