Mobile air conditioning units – no coldness without a hose!

Mobile air conditioning units are pictured as a rule without an exhaust air hose – this is also the case on our ‘Home Comfort Machines’ online site. This is very simple, since before a ‘shooting’ – an advertising shot – a hose like this always first has to be dismantled anyway, and in contrast to our versatilely designed climate devices, always looks the same. Yes, you can be certain that at least one hose inevitably accompanies a mobile monoblock air conditioning unit. Learn why that is …

Air conditioning units worldwide, such as our PAC Series, cool room air through efficient compression refrigeration systems. And according to the laws of physics, this generates equal amounts of coldness and warmth because a coolant is directed through two heat exchangers – the condenser and the evaporator. Through the compressor and expansion valve, you expose the coolant to alternating pressure in this closed circuit, through which the gas is heated from compression and cooled from the release of tension. The coldness is blown to the evaporator and into the room – and the warm air has to be directed to the condenser and toward outside, since otherwise the warm air would be mixed again with the cooled indoor air. At least one exhaust air hose usually serves this function, and therefore it is a fixed component in any mobile monoblock air conditioning unit available on the market, even if it is not directly visible in every image of use. Don’t let yourself be misled from false images, and instead let a serious brand provider explain the technology to you as well as the differences between the devices.

The difference – mobile air conditioning units with one-hose and two-hose technology

This design type pertains to most PAC air conditioning units from Trotec. All the engineering is built in the same casing to save space and therefore they are named monoblock air conditioning units. If the hot hair from this process leads through a central exhaust air hose, through a window or crack in a door towards outside, then it is so-called one-hose technology. But there are also monoblock units with a second hose – two-hose technology!

  • One-hose technology

    A slight vacuum emerges resulting from the permanent departure of warm air that is cancelled out due to trailing warm air from outside and bordering rooms. The positive effect is that in this way fresh air and therefore oxygen is continually supplied into the room. However, approx. 20 to 30% of the energy is lost due to the drawn-in and warm outdoor air. The air conditioning unit scores points, above all, for its advantageous combination of efficient cool, permanent supply of fresh air and simple handling. The flexible operation in different rooms is made particularly effortless.

  • Two-hose technology

    Exactly like in one-hose air conditioning units, in this case as well the hot air from the process is directed outside through an exhaust hose. Furthermore, just as much fresh air is directed to the unit, although through an additional second hose. In this way, a pressure-neutral air circulation is possible without drawing air from outside. This makes the unit indeed more energy efficient, but on the other hand no fresh air whatsoever is directed into the room. And instead of only one, two hoses must be installed in this case.

Airlock window sealant – highly sensible in terms of energy

Mobile air conditioning units therefore usually require one, and sometimes two exhaust hoses and these ordinarily must be fixed in an open window to remove the warm air. With the practical Trotec window sealants AirLock 100 and AirLock 200, fixing the exhaust pipes can be done very simply and without drilling. The AirLock 1000 window sealant expands the application possibilities of this practical accessory series to usage also on terrace and balcony doors or floor-to-ceiling windows. It helps you increase the efficiency of your mobile air conditioning unit, since through the use of the AirLock, only the room air must be cooled and the additional inflowing warm air from outside does not – this, in turn, leads to distinctly lower energy use. Moreover the AirLocks prevent the invasion of insects.

The finest quality units and accessories – at unbeatable prices

Benefit from the best price-performance ratio of a leading brand provider and inform yourself today about the large selection of mobile air conditioning units from the renowned PAC series, as well as the window and door sealants of our AirLock series – now in the Trotec Shop.

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