Trotec presents new leak detection program at IFAT 2010

TROTEC at the IFAT 2010 trade fair

September proved to be yet another busy month for TROTEC. This time we were at the IFAT ENTSORGA 2010 in Munich, which is highly regarded as being the leading international trade fair for environmental technology.

The fair, with its focus set firmly on water, waste water and waste and raw material management, attracted approximately 110,000 visitors from a total of over 185 different countries. During the 5-day event, which lasted from 13 – 17 September, 2,730 exhibitors from 49 countries rose to the opportunity to showcase their most prized products and the latest in cutting-edge technology in their own individual fields. One of the many innovative initiatives which caused quite a stir at this much-acclaimed venue was the state-of-the-art measuring technology program for leak detection in drinking water systems which we at TROTEC took great pride in presenting exclusively. The LD-series is based on the principle of combined detection, using acoustic and pressure sensors to systematically locate possible leaks. The program is made up of the following individual components:

  • The LD5L wireless data logger, which is positioned in the respective pipe system in order to constantly measure the sound level before transmitting the data it has collected to a passing measuring vehicle.
  • The LD5DL pressure data logger, which monitors the pressure status in water supplies both quickly and reliably. The high sampling rate of up to ten measurements per second enables the logger to record even the smallest of pressure surges before storing the data for later assessment and analysis using the software included in the scope of delivery.
  • The LD20PC multifunctional correlator, which is designed to pinpoint any possible leaks in pressure lines. The device registers the impact sound at different points in the pipe network and is then able to detect the exact position of the leak by comparing the length of time which has elapsed between echoes.
  • The LD 6000 combi detector, which is designed expressly for mobile leak detection and the acoustic location of water pipes. The device, which is the first of its kind worldwide, is excellently suited for versatile use as a means for mapping out routes, narrowing down the possible position of a leak or for pinpointing leaks accurately and reliably. When used in combination with the LD 6000 H2 hydrogen sensor, the combi detector can also be employed to detect leaks using trace gas. The optionally available LD-PULS pulse wave generator, which can be used to detect the position of non-metallic pressure water pipes, rounds off this package admirably.

This means that TROTEC now offers a complete and comprehensive program designed to assess the condition of drinking water systems for water suppliers and metrological service providers alike.

The reaction among experts and professionals can only be termed as extremely positive. The specialists responsible for pipework infrastructure in town councils , local authorities and large industrial areas showed great interest in this new product series which has been designed specially with the intention of making their job easier and even more efficient.

If you want to find out more about the measuring devices in the LD-series visit our product catalog!

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