Trotec exhibitor at NordBau Trade Fair in Neumünster

Trotec at the NordBau Trade Fair 2010

This year the 55th (!) annual NordBau Trade Fair, the long-standing international venue which not only attracts  a huge amount of interest from local companies and members of the local community but also from exhibitors and visitors from all over the globe, opened its gates in Neumünster from 02 -07 September. The event brought representatives from the building trade together with professional visitors, home builders and prospective house buyers, providing them with a platform to enter into dialogue and find out more about the latest building trends and traditional construction methods – quite simply everything in and around the field of building design and construction.

The organisers’ concept of bringing architects, builders’ merchants and countless other members of the building trade and interested members of the public and the commercial sector together proved once again to be resounding success. Over 900 exhibitors from 15 countries took hold of this unique opportunity to showcase their specialist portfolios and present their products and services to over 70,000 visitors. The topics which ranked high in the exhibitors’ and public’s interest this year were well-being, energy efficiency and sustainability.

TROTEC was among the companies at the Nordbau fair that were keen to take advantage of this chance to present their comprehensive product portfolios. The professional products from TROTEC span the fields of indoor climatisation, heating and ventilation, building drying, air purification and measuring technology with each area offering an impressive number of substantial solutions with regard to maximizing energy efficiency. Did you know, for example, that by carrying out drying during the building phase you too could save a significant sum of money which you would otherwise have to fork out for energy costs in the long run? Or that infrared cameras can be employed to detect defects in a building’s insulation, thus uncovering your home or flat’s weak spots, which can invariably cost you the owner, or you the tenant, a small fortune in energy and utility bills?

So now that you have read about the fair and learnt more about the interesting opportunities which such a splendid platform offers a variety of people from trade, industry and the public sector to meet and exchange ideas and information in and around the building sector, perhaps you would like to make a note of the date of the Nordbau 2011 Trade Fair, which is on from 08 – 13 September 2011.

…We for one will be there for sure!

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