Online shopping? Sure thing!

Doing your shopping online has some undeniable advantages. You can do it anytime, anyplace, without even leaving the comfortable warmth of your home or diving into the jostling masses of Christmas shoppers in the city centres and shopping malls. Very comfortable. And not to forget: The variety of products on offer is incomparably bigger than in any physical store, and the WWW allows you to compare prices from all around the world. Easy.

But how do you know that you really get what you pay for? The anonymity of the internet favours trickeries of all kinds, and the cases in which an unsuspecting customer is fooled out of his money are becoming, regretfully, more frequent each day. But fortunately, there are some straightforward ways you can find out whether an online shop in trustworthy or not – even before you place an order.  

An easy, yet very effective step towards checking the integrity of the shop you are dealing with is to just type the address of the webshop into a search engine. If complaints of unsatisfied customers or fraud warnings appear among the first results, this should make you cautious, at the very least. Also, you should always know who exactly you are dealing with. The legal notice ought to give you all the information you need concerning the owner of the company, including the physical address, telephone number and place of jurisdiction. Any reputable company should state a real address, and not just some anonymous POB, and be on call during regular office hours.

The most reliable hint, however, is the judgement of an unbiased authority. Trusted Shops is the leading organization for the accreditation of online shops in Europe, and their “Seal of Confidence” is about the highest distinction any shop can get. Because there are more than a hundred individual criteria you have to fulfil before your shop is even considered for such a seal. Because the experts from Trusted Shops verify on a regular basis that the high quality standards the consumer expects are constantly maintained. Because they do not only give their seal of approval, they also offer an extensive  buyer protection and customer service.

This makes sure that you – the customer – are always on the safe side when dealing with a certified shop. Like ours: Trotec24 proudly presents its new and hard-earned Seal of Confidence, which from now on shows our new customers what our regular customers already know: We live up to our promises. And that’s a promise.

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