Thermal bridge analysis using Trotec thermal cameras

With energy-related renovation, thermal bridge analyses identifies large weak points in thermal insulation. Best example: Almost all thermographic pictures taken of an existing building with roller shutters make it clear that there are thermal weak spots. Evidently, these casings were not, or barely, insulated at all up until the 1970s – and since then have been tearing big holes in the energy efficiency rating of every house. Renovation companies should be able to prove whether action needs to be taken here…

Roller shutters were considered to be a substantial thermal improvement for windows with single glazing, especially at night. Such temporary external protection is actually almost entirely unnecessary due to modern high-quality glazing. On the other hand, old roller shutter casings comprise of a cavity in the brickwork that is merely separated from the room by thin plywood or particle board. The method of choice should be effective insulation in the form of a professional solution. Prior to this, you were supposed to prove to the home owner that an energy-related renovation in this area was actually necessary. Trotec offers two professional thermal imaging cameras for this purpose, leaving no wishes unfulfilled…

AC080V Thermal imaging camera

With the smart AC080V, Trotec delivers an innovative camera concept from the Extra class: This device comes with the functions of an innovative thermal imaging camera combined with the ultra compact design of a tablet. The benefits of the tablet form speak for themselves: Even more is visible on the 5-inch touch display. If you would like to quickly show something to customers or colleagues, the AC080V works distinctly better than the typical existing thermal imaging cameras that come in pistol or camcorder design.

  • The AC080V is a tablet thermal imaging camera with multifunctional applications; with its 5 inch touch display, it is ideally suited for structural diagnostics or preventative maintenance. The thermographic tablet has 19,200 fully radiometric independent temperature measuring points that record even the smallest changes in temperature in real time.
  • A range of measuring functions for assessment and analysis are integrated directly into the device, such as automatic temperature monitoring, isothermals, report analysis or a temperature alarm. Besides thermal imaging, not only can photos be taken in an 8 mega-pixel resolution, but entire infra-red videos can also be recorded and transferred via WiFi wirelessly to your PC or shared via the internet. In addition, thanks to the integrated GPS, location data can be recorded at any time.

IC085LV Thermal imaging camera

The IC085LV thermal imaging camera, which is manufactured in the EU, scores points for its clever electronic assembly and smart functions for precise building diagnostics, an intelligent mobility concept and an exceptional price-performance-ratio. The professional IR compact camera constantly communicates a complete picture of the thermal energy outlook on site, since it contains a temperature measuring range from -20°C to +600°C, a thermal sensitivity of just 0,05°C at 30°C and a detector resolution of 384 x 288 pixels.

Due to its highly developed sensor technology, the IC085LV compact camera enables a fully-fledged real-time display. In addition, it continuously registers even the slightest temperature changes using a 384 x 288 detector in the latest design with 110,592 independent temperature measuring points in total. Each individual measuring point captures the current temperature of the measured object almost 60 times per second and displays it on the large LCD screen. The fast rate at which the images are refreshed using 50 Hz technology guarantees no-fatigue work, incorporating every single image as well as all important thermographic information – every thermal image is therefore displayed in real time.

  • The 5-megapixel digital camera provides razor-sharp live images that can be superimposed onto an image-in-image display containing infra-red images in real time using the innovative Duo Vision Plus function.
  • With the IC085LV, non-radiometric videos can be optionally recorded onto an SD card. Or a fully radiometric IR video can be recorded onto a connected PC with an optional real time upgrade via USB connection.
  • The software included in the delivery of the IC085LV is a professional programme and offers numerous features for evaluating, organising and documenting your measured results in addition to the Duo Vision Plus function.

Thermal imaging cameras from Trotec – professional solutions for professionals

Benefit from innovative electronics, an intelligent mobility concept and the usual unbeatable price-performance-ratio from Trotec when analysing thermal bridges for your building diagnostics. Find out about our current offers today

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