NEW Designer Convector TCH 24 E – finally available!

A clean, odourless and silent heating solution with a timeless, embossed design – the new Designer Convector TCH 24 E is now finally available. Thanks to its technical performance data and all-round successful design, the compact quick heater is suited to almost any private use: in the ever cold bathroom, for the seasonal transition periods, to reinforce the heating already in use on cold days or as a frost monitor.

The convector will convince you with its 2000 Watt thermal output, which can be set to 3 different levels and has pleasingly low energy use. You can set your desired thermal output with ease thanks to the thermostat-controlled automatic operation. The thermostat attains your target setting and as soon as the pre-set heat level is reached, the device switches off automatically for energy efficiency and switches on again when it falls below it.

With the infinitely variable temperature control of our mobile TCH convector, you can also use the unit for frost monitoring operations. The heater is then automatically activated by a thermostat to keep the rooms frost-free or to prevent them from becoming too cold. As a frost monitor, the TCH convector is also optimally suited to landlords and real estate companies. Private users as well as business people can utilise the practical function of keeping empty rooms and garages frost-free.

How it works

Rooms, conservatories or cellars that are not connected to the central heating system in particular are kept reliably warm with the TCH 24 E. Best of all: All you need to be able to use the convector flexibly is a plug socket. As a free-standing device, you can use the TCH convector immediately and there is overheating protection for extra safety. If you would like to fix the device to the wall, you will find two built-in hanging fixtures on the back for this purpose.

Incidentally, it’s easy to explain how the TCH 24 E provides completely clean, odourless and silent heating: since with all of the TCH series convectors, the air in the device is warmed up using electrically heated wires and consequently rises as a result, creating a natural suction effect, which draws the cold room air into the fan heater. This leads to a constant circulation of warm air in the entire room, which flows into every corner. The heat spreads evenly all around, thus preventing individual areas from becoming overheated or underheated.

Four of the many advantages which I particularly like:

  • up to 2000 W thermal output for clean, condensation-free and odourless heating
  • continuous thermostat control
  • three heating levels
  • thermostat-controlled automatic operation

NEW Designer Convector TCH 24 E – comfortable warmth for a small price!

Order the Convector TCH 24 E today at our current offer price, reduced from £41.57 to just £23.07 incl. VAT. – in the Trotec shop now!

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