TDS 120 R electrical space heater – finally available again!

Professionals from the renovation and construction sectors value our most powerful model from the TDS-series for its economical heating of large building areas and faster drying of buildings. Unlike directly fired gas or oil space heaters, the TDS 120 R electrical space heater doesn’t consume oxygen nor does it generate combustion waste gases, and can therefore be used in closed interior rooms. The top model is now available again – as cheap as usual!

As soon as it is turned on, the TDS 120 R electrical space heater generates impressive warmth which is then distributed in large volumes via the powerful air circulating follow-up fan. With an impressive 30 kW of heating power, it can also be used to control the temperature in large building areas, and the budget-optimised electrical space heater also proves to be highly efficient in terms of drying buildings: unlike directly fired gas or oil space heaters, this electric heating device neither consumes oxygen nor produces water vapour or combustion waste gases when generating warm air. The device is therefore ideally suited to heating interior spaces, especially when used to assist dehumidifiers when drying buildings at an accelerated pace.

How it works

With the TDS 120 R electrical space heater the desired temperature can be regulated as needed via the integrated and infinitely variable thermostat and the heating capacity can be increased in two stages up to the maximum warmth. The fan can also be used without the heating function in pure recirculating air operation. In order to provide reliable safety when used for continuous heating the electrical space heater is fitted with overheating protection as well as thermal protection for the fan motor. Furthermore, the follow-up fan function cools the components down even after the end of operation. The fully galvanized, coated steel sheet housing surrounds the high-quality corrosion-protected stainless steel heating elements and is contained in a comfortably transportable and stable carriage construction with ball-bearing wheels.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the multi-level temperature control with two heating levels
  • the integrated thermostat for a constant flow of hot air
  • the overheating protection function
  • the fan motor with thermal protection

TDS 120 R electrical space heater – the budget-optimised and professional solution

Order the TDS 120 R electrical space heater today at our current offer price, for just € 599.94 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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