TDS 10 M electric heater – keeps your feet warm when barbecuing!


Has your barbecue season already started? When you sit down at the table, do you not feel a little chill every now and then? And, hand on heart, is this not the same for the other guests? All you need now are the witty comments like “It’s quite shady here!” or “I’ll have a mulled wine with my steak!” But if, with each degree the temperature falls, the mood drops too, you should take action: with our TDS 10 M ceramic heater

Of course, a little cool air won’t hurt for the person lithely dancing around the barbecue attending to the food. But for everyone else waiting for the food, the cold air slowly creeping up their legs will soon take its toll on their mood. Before the runny noses start, leaving people reaching for their handkerchiefs, and the topic of conversation drifts towards spring colds, you should get things straight and put your TDS 10 M ceramic heater to use, which you had the foresight to order ahead of time! Our small electric heater will provide comfortable warm air around the barbecue table – so from now on there is no need to worry about cold feet!

This is how it works

TheTDS 10 M impresses with a 2 kW maximum heating output and low noise emissions. Instead of heating filaments, the device is equipped with a long-life PTC ceramic element, which heats the air to around 65 °C extremely quickly. The ceramic PTC register automatically regulates the power input depending on the ambient temperature and protects against overheating. Thanks to the continuously adjustable integrated thermostat control, the warm air output can be set to the desired temperature. Unlike devices that use heating filaments, this ceramic fan heater doesn’t burn any dust and therefore doesn’t fill the air with added fine dust – a real plus, and not just for allergy sufferers!

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • two-level temperature control
  • integrated thermostat for a constant flow of hot air
  • protection against overheating and the blower engine with thermal protection
  • ceramic PTC register

TDS 10 M electric heater – enjoy the warmth, without having to shiver!

Even when it gets cooler outside, you can happily carry on your barbecue: order the TDS 10 M electric heater today at our current sale price, reduced from £38.43 to just £16.52 incl. VAT– in the Trotec Shop now!

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